Fab Mama Business Advice…Take 1

So, we all know I am embarking on a path of mompreneurship and I promised that I would share my experiences with you. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and triumphs in your own ventures. Look at the tag line of my blog header…”the rants and raves of a fab mom”. Well today you get a rant..wanna hear it? Here it go.

Prior to relaunching my website I did a TON of research on the vendors that I would need to collaborate with to fulfill my shirt orders. I narrowed down my options and decided to work with two vendors. One as a primary and one as a back up. I met with each, and specifically laid out what I needed from them and how the order flow would go upon receiving orders. Both were onboard and I felt confident in their abilities to meet Divinitee’s demands.

Fast forward. At the beginning of last week, I submitted a request to my primary vendor to have a couple dozen shirts printed to fulfill orders that I recived. Request submitted, no response. I call to follow up and I am told that they are behind due to the ice storm that hit our area. Understandable, I was then told that it would be the beginning of this week before the order could be started. I told them fine, I would check with my secondary vendor to see what their timeline was looking like and get back with them regarding whether I would need for them to proceed on the order.

I reach out to the second vendor, and just as luck would have it the secondary vendor is also behind and will not be able to get to printing right away. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! Are you kidding me. I know this is a situation beyond their control based on the weather but my goodness. I can’t help but think at this point what was the purpose of the secondary vendor. I know I am probably being a little dramatic, but I pride myself in doing things the right way and I have surely gotten off to a less than stellar start out of the gate.

As disappointed as I am, I am learning to deal with each obstacle as they come and I have decided to refund all orders that were made and send the customers free shirts because I was not able to uphold my promise of having their shirts mailed within 5 to 7 business days. I only think that is fair and can only hope that their initial experience with my company won’t leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Basically all of the above can be summarized as..Make sure your backup has a backup..Got it? Good!! That was on the house, I might have to charge you next time!

As a customer would you be satisfied with my remedy to the situation?

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  1. I’d definitely be more than satisfied–a refund and a free shirt?

    I also think by you taking full responsibility for what has occurred, even though it wasn’t your fault, says a lot about what you stand for and what you believe. In doing what you plan, I don’t see how this would hinder your business success so drastically that you won’t be able to bounce back from it.

    Good luck with everything. 😉

  2. Sounds like you’re off to a rough start, but you are a fab and fast learner so you’ll be fine. If I got a refund, I’d be happy. That was an incredibly smart business gesture on your behalf. And having a back-up to the back-up is great advice. 🙂

  3. Your remedy might make me a repeat customer as long as I’m satisfied with the quality of the product ya know? Overall I would feel its a nice gesture and good business.

    Things will work out. You’ll just have these small trials and errors 1st.

  4. I think it’s a very good gesture and people will remember that and you will always have repeat customers. Every good business will tell you that they have been through the ringer but it makes you grow and learn. You will be fine good luck.

  5. Fabulous advice! I agree with the other commentators, your resolution was incredibly smart and good for future business. Great thinking!

    I am new to your blog, but am enjoying all that I have read thus far. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to receiving more of your fab mama advice.

  6. Yeah I think you did the right thing. It sucks not to get anything out of the deal but I always say that is the cost of doing business. I bet those customers would come back to you and tha’s what matters. Things will get rolling better for you soon.

  7. I think the remedy is great especially since you’re STILL going to send them a shirt, so they not only got their money back but still got to get a great product. These things happen and it’s better to work the kinks out while your business is still small so you can have it all in order when you BLOW Uuuup (in my Martin voice lol)

  8. Honestly, I think that was very generous of you. Having worked in retail our protocol is usually to contact the customer inform them of the new timeline and see if they want to wait it out or get their money back. Those that opt for the refund usually just get the refund. Those willing to wait the extra few days using get their shipping refunded.

    I agree that it’s smart to make sure your back up has a back up, but at the same time the whole east coast just about was under a snow storm. That government facilities including post office were shut down as well. So, there still would have been some delay. Good customers understand that natural acts of nature cannot be controlled. But you did handle the situation well. I think that if the future though, I would just offer the refund because you don’t want incur too much overhead cost your first year in business.

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