Nana Puddin’

Tuesday night after a few mishaps and whateva’s, I managed to pull off baked honey barbecue wings, vanilla rice and a homemade banana pudding *patting myself on the back*!!
As the saying goes, things do get a little better with practice. I hardly call three days of completing recipes a whole lot of practice but I see an improvement from day 1. I managed to read and follow all of the instructions except when I put a 1/2 cup of flour in the banana pudding when the recipe called for a 1/3 cup..again READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. Luckily I realized this before I emptied in the egg yolks that took me 5 minutes to separate from the whites. I dumped out the flour and sugar mixture and started over again. With some helpful advice from one of my besties I managed to whip up the egg whites into meringue and get the pudding in the oven. It wasn’t the prettiest thing but it sure tasted yummy!!
I’m trying to get the basics down…we’ll work on the presentation later!!!
I would like to think Mommy is smiling down from heaven at the thought of me cooking!!

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