No Use in Crying Over Spilled Milk

Saturday evening, I got the opportunity to leave the burbs and head to the city for a much needed girls night out. I joined one of my good friends for dinner, and the evening was going better than planned, that is until the waitress asked would we like a beverage from the bar. Before she could get the question out good, I blurted I’ll have a chocolate martini. I’m not a drinker, but certainly a martini snob, and having been pregnant and currently nursing it has been almost a year since I’ve had one. Yum…it was a just right mix, not too strong and extra chocolatey, exactly how I like them. It surely didn’t disappoint, until I got home.
So I knew when I drank it I would have to pump and pour out the milk, sounds easy right..WRONG!! As I poured that milk down the drain, I think a tear went with it. Anyone who has ever pumped and knocked the bottle over feels my pain. I guess I should’ve thought about the consequences before I enjoyed that decadent vodka and chocolate treat..oh well, I guess I have learned my lesson, and we’ll just say that $9.50 was an investment into my sanity for the upcoming week!!
She doesn’t seem too happy about me pouring out that milk either!!

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  1. Great blog! I tried nursing with my son and it just wasn't for me! You are one patient woman!
    Glad you got to enjoy a drink! Every mom needs time off, even if it's 10 mins of bliss!!!
    Your daughter is beautiful!!!!
    and I'm a follower of you now too!

  2. She so cute even when she's mad 😉 It is so painful pouring out that milk. That stuff is liquid gold! On the other hand, you really deserved that chocolate martini for the sacrifice you are making to nurse your baby girl. She is soooo worth it. Great title 😉

  3. Oh I feel your pain! I had to pump and dump because I got a cat scan and they injected iodine into my system… I was so upset I had my husband pour it down the drain. That stuff is like gold! So hard to watch it go down! Ps – your daughter is soooooo cute!!

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