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Last Monday’s post regarding my struggle with making my week run smoother, and my need to organize has started to become a reality. Although none of my “try” to do list got completed last week, I did start off this week with a bang. Okay, I won’t lie the bang came with a little help from the Mr., as we took a few hours on Sunday to thoroughly clean and dust the house.

With me delivering the baby via C-section just three months ago, I have only been up and about for the past month, and my house totally needed a deep cleaning. So I was very thankful for his help and now I can implement my new weekly cleaning schedule, that I have yet to come up with. So now that the house is in order, I am totally starting to think about buying a few new fall decor items and fragrances for the house. Did I mention I love fall!

House is clean, I finished all of my laundry, I’m feeling good about it all until I drive through the car pool line to pick up my son, and now I am embarassed at the fact that the line helpers are looking at this as they open the door to let my boy in..MY CAR IS A WRECK!!
My favorite slingbacks and a baby shower invitation from 3 weeks ago *SMH*
Don’t judge me…Bet you can’t find my lipgloss!!
These are all things that I need in the car..I’m just sure there is a better way of storing them

Can you guess what’s on my to do list for the week…Does your car look as bad as mine, and if not what do you do to keep it clean?

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  1. Absolutely love your blog, glad you stopped by 🙂

    My car looks like that I would say oh about 90% of the time, lol. With 3 kids, I think I just gave up keeping the car as neat as I like, especially the back seat. I just got it washed and detailed over the weekend, which forced me to organize what was in it, so lets see how long that lasts. I did purchase those organizers you can put on the back of the front seats to put my kids things in, and that does help a bit.

    I've had 3 c-sections and let me tell you, take one step at a time, everything will go back to "normal" soon 🙂

  2. First of all, you just had a new baby like 2 minutes ago…second, taking care of children is a job in itself…third, you have T.I. King on your seat…nough said 🙂

  3. I have to clean the truck weekly so it won't be such an embarrassment. I use one those handi vacs / dirt devil and then use diaper wipes to clean the rest. SN: the vacuums at gas station can be a little scary!

    BTW, Cute shoes! Love slingbacks!

  4. You are truly not alone,lol.

    I agree with Erika, I have a set day each week to clean out my car, Fridays. I pull into the gas station that has a vacuum and get to work. I also try to get a plastic bag in the car so as things accumulate it's easier to take it out.

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