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Every year. Every year. I start this challenge, and I vow to continue with that practice until I actually see it through to completion. Kind of like blogging everyday in November. I did that and probably won’t do it again. So let’s hope that momentum drives me to take 365 photos in a year…totally comparable.

I’ve normally placed pressure on myself to only use my DSLR but I’m allowing myself to use my iPhone this go ’round. Really and truly  I hope to have the majority of the photos come from my camera. Photography is still a passion and I haven’t made much time for my hobby lately so here’s to great photos in 2016.

1| Cause you totally didn’t get enough toys at Christmas to be in Target just a week later pondering over a toy to purchase. Or maybe its the Target spell?

File Jan 02, 10 49 27 PM


2| When you talk back and get your entire Christmas shoe collection confiscated until the middle of January, and to really show us you don’t care you alternate them. Then a day later ask to wear the Vans and were hit with a NO. #Welp

File Jan 02, 10 50 33 PM


3| Cause Sundays are made for cuddling and Property Brothers marathons

File Jan 03, 12 37 51 PM

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  1. I’m with you, cuddling with my “babies” (who are all in the double digit years) and watching anything on HGTV is a heavenly weekend day for me!

  2. Awesome photos!
    I’ve decided to do another photo challenge but I enjoy looking and taking photos so snap away.
    Kids are a trip and they think we are the crazy ones.

  3. I always attempt, and I always forget about it, allow life to happen, or just get lazy. I even tried the 52week challenge because of my laziness and still failed.

    BUT, I’m cheering you on because I absolutely love your pictures!

  4. I attempted to blog every day 2 years back, failed, and never plan to do it again! I realized that doing this compromises the quality of my posts. It’s like I’m just writing about whatever just so I have something to post on my blog that particular day!

    I love your pictures by the way! 🙂

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