..He went to Kindergarten

My first born went to Kindergarten. I have you know, I didn’t shed a tear.


Wanted to. Held them in. Although the lady blocking the door was crying a river. After looking at how silly she looked, I squeezed my eyes real tight  and did the play off eye rub like something was in my eye.

He woke up very excited.  I wonder how long that will last.  He got in the class, found his seat and sat down like a champ. I won’t tell you Lil Mama was going on a rampage in the class pulling stuff off the shelves and scribbling on people’s work while I was trying to capture a few memories…should’ve put her in the stroller… hindsight is always twenty twenty. Anywho, I did manage a few pics while wrangling her with one hand and snapping with the other…

I asked did he read my note. He says, “I saw it, but what did it say” *sigh*  Tomorrow I’ll draw a picture



The obligatory backpack shot

Just before he told me “Bye, you can leave now”

Asked why he was staring out of the window. Said he was reflecting on his day…I guess

I have been inducted into the elementary school mothers crew. How did your induction go? Please don’t scare those who have this hurdle looming ahead of them.

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  1. I cried last year and I’m more than positive I’ll be crying this year. Oh, and when I my son attends his first day, I may even have to be sedated.

    Your son is absolutely ADORABLE! In regards to the “Mommy Messages”, (that’s what I call them) I think it’d be a good idea to use pictures. That’s what I did with my daughter. I’d print a cute little image of the internet and thing write something and stick it in her box. The picture was generally of hugs and kisses, or something that showed affection. That may help. 🙂

  2. I also put a note on my kids first day lunch, but I instead drew I (an eye) love (heart) you (the letter U) 🙂 You can try that.

  3. Great pictures – he is too cute! I hope he has a marvelous school year!

    My kiddo is starting first grade next week – I won’t cry. I didn’t cry when she started kindergarten – I save my tears for the end of the year – those “year in review” DVDs have me bawling every time – it’s amazing how much they grow over the course of a year!!!
    Nerd Girl recently posted..WWYD? Money, Money, Money, Money!

  4. I cried but I waited until I got in the car. It’s so hard to watch them grow up and let them go. My youngest is 3 and she’s begging to start preschool. I’m nervous about that but I’m still trying to decide if I let her go. I’m sure I’ll be crying like a baby and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself with no kids at home. I’m glad his first day went well and you made it through the day as well.
    Kim recently posted..HAPPY!!!

  5. Oh, the first day! What a major accomplishment. I don’t know how you did it, not crying like a lunatic. I plan to be a total mess when that day comes for my kids. It’s such a big milestone.

    I love the pictures and the little note you left him! Too sweet!

  6. man I hope I’m not a mess when jasmine starts school! Lawd I can only imagine.

    If this child is not your twin! He’s so cute! And you dressed him very very cute too for his 1st day. Love those shoes.
    krissy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  7. Aw, how adorable! I know you must be proud. I am not a Mother, but I am looking forward to my little niece growing up and reaching milestones such as these. She has a long way to go, though..she’s only 3 months. Heck! I’m celebrating every little thing…her first smile..her first time rolling over in the bed (hey! She’s been working hard trying to do it! It must be recognized). Have fun with the other Kindergarten Moms 🙂

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