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When pulling together the area over my daughter’s bed I was baffled at what to put there. After a trip to Hobby Lobby I came across a few pieces of  art.  After getting the art on the wall I felt there was something missing. One day on my weekly trip to Dollar Tree I saw gold thumbtacks and knew I needed to have them and then it hit me to make a wreath.

It took me forever to make the wreath, I worked on it for about a month. Surely it could’ve been finished long before  but I didn’t purchase enough boxes, and then it was a minute before I was able to find them in stores again. The moral of the story is  purchase at least 7 boxes. I think there are about 2K thumbtacks in total.

You will need:

Styrofoam wreath

Gold Thumbtacks (at least 7 boxes. Each box at Dollar Tree has 300 thumbtacks)

dollar tree gold thumbtack wreath

When inserting the thumbtacks I found they went in better and stayed better when I stuck them in at an angle

File Mar 31, 5 00 24 PM

File Mar 30, 9 19 53 AM

To get the fishscale look as I call it make them overlap a bit.

Dollar Tree Gold Thumbtack Wreath

Dollar Tree Gold Thumbtack Wreath

Once you are finished try to handle it as little as possible as the oil from your hands will cause the gold to tarnish. I actually like the look of it but if you want it to stay gold and shiny keep this in mind.

Dollar Tree Gold Thumbtack Wreath

Hanging it is super easy. I put a nail in the wall and just pushed the wreath onto it. Hello styrofoam.

Dollar Tree Gold Thumbtack Wreath

Oh. Keep a handle on those thumbtacks lest the bottom of your feet become pin cushions.

Trust me.

Gold Thumbtack Wreath