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Hi & The Beginnings of a Bathroom Renovation


Last week defies explanation and was full of challenges and I just couldn’t get in a space to come here and post anything. If y’all have been around here long enough you know your homie is only down for so long then its time to get back in the swing of things.

We’ll start with the fact that I lost every. single. solitary. photo and document I own when my son dropped my external hard drive. Please spare me the tongue lashing because I knew better and only had a few things backed up. I literally was going through anxiety symptoms until I was able to find a company that will be able to get my data back. Now I just need to find $1300 to get it done. I know, just, please don’t say anything. If you want to help please donate, based on my pageviews if everyone donated……Nevermind. It will likely be after Christmas before I am able to cough up that money but it makes me feel better that I will be able to get them back…..I tell ya, that is an expensive lesson to learn. Take it from me BACK THAT THANG UP. Not the Juvenile type but every form of storage that you have please take a moment this week to back your stuff up to a cloud or something.

I don’t have the money to spare right now for my data because my husband kind of made an executive decision to move forward with a master bathroom renovation. I thought we discussed waiting awhile but then I look up and my shower is being removed. I’m not complaining but you have to mentally prepare yourself for these things. Not to mention we are also getting the front yard done so there is a lot going on.

The previous owners left the bathroom disgusting. They only lived here 2 years and I am coming to learn that they kept maintenance to a minimum. I’m pretty sure they didn’t buy this house in this condition based on what the neighbors tell me…I digress. So we had opened a keepsafe storage perth unit and move all our bathroom contents and began the job!

Anyway. The bathroom shower was so nasty my husband and I refused to bathe in it. We use the bathroom in the hall, so his decision was not an unnecessary one. This is our first rodeo with any type of renovation project so I was expecting all h*ll to break loose when they opened up the wall based on my experience with HGTV…I was right. The back wall had all kinds of ants..dead and alive and eggs *skin crawls* attached to the insulation. We removed all of that. I couldn’t get a picture…you’re welcome. But if you look at the floor of the shower that will give you an idea of how nasty and moldy the grout was and there were cracks in the grout so water had seeped down and rotted some of the wood underneath. At this stage we were wondering whether we should just phone up a company like Glass Shower Direct so that we wouldn’t have to worry about all of this! However, the money for that is rather hard to find at the moment, therefore we continued.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

In this case they didn’t bring the moisture barrier all the way over to cover the wood so it molded as well and had to be replaced.

bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Because this house was built in the early 90’s there really was no separation of tile and shower so a new shower meant all new tile, thus the entire renovation of the bathroom and the floor.


That open door with all of the stuff on the floor? Our closet that needs to be redone. That is next on the list.

This work was done last week. I’ll update you next week on the progress made this week.

Have you ever gone through a major renovation? Got any tips for me as I start shopping for tile and materials?