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{Recipe} Iced Coffee with Seattle’s Best Coffee

I’m participating in a Seattle’s Best Coffee® blogger campaign and received compensation as part of the program.

I don’t drink coffee daily but when I want a cup, I want a cup. Until recently I didn’t own a coffee maker and would have to find my way to Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Starbucks or whoever was near to satisfy my coffee craving when it reared it’s head. For those of you that have real coffee addictions you know how expense this can get over time.

After finally getting the coffee maker (an espresso machine, learn more about these on Little Coffee Place), I was literally stumped at what coffee brands to purchase. I saw the big named ones but wasn’t looking to pay $9 and up for a bag of coffee and me being the cheapo that I am, I would purchase the less expensive brands and the taste would be just that…cheapo.

With this campaign, I ventured out to my local Publix and picked up a few bags of Seattle’s Best Coffee House Blend. I was familiar with the brand and at $4.99 a bag, I was excited to give it a go. As the weather has warmed, I prefer iced coffee to hot coffee for obvious reasons. To be honest I prefer iced coffee year round because I like tasting the sugar at the bottom that didn’t completely dissolve. I know…weird.

I have made iced coffee before by brewing in the maker, adding cream and sugar and placing in the refrigerator overnight. This time I followed the Seattle’s Best So Simple Iced Coffee recipe. I actually like this recipe better because it creates a concentrate that you can just add water to as needed.

iced coffee

The taste of this particular blend is light and smooth, which I like but if you want more of the “heavy” coffee taste there are a number of blends to chose from.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is now available at Publix stores, and from now until July 4, you can snag a bag or three of Seattle’s Best Coffee for just $4.99, or K-cup packs for just $5.99.

Happy to share the Simple Iced Coffee Recipe. Give it a try!


For additional recipes and information regarding Seattle’s Best Coffee be sure to visit their website.