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I’m struggling this last week of NaBloPoMo, but I am almost at the finish line and I will tell you blogging every day is not easy.

Today I thought I would shoot some short video clips of our day while out running errands. Let me know how you like it. I might do these more often, so much easier to edit and upload.

I present to you the greater part of our day in under 5 minutes!

Living Vlog

Weekend Vlog – Party Time. Mother’s Day

This weekend was laid back. Kind of put me in the feel of what the lazy hazy days of Summer are truly going to feel like in a few short weeks once the children get out of school. Speaking of Summer, these temps thooooo….HOT!

Mother’s Day was chill. I took the time to take a walk through my neighborhood. Sometimes peace and quiet is good. Glad I rested because those loads of laundry were sure waiting for me. If  only men understood that giving someone a day off and not doing the work that they normally would’ve done is not a day off but a day deferred!

Weekend vlog is up!

Monthly Favorites Vlog

{Vlog} December Favorites

I can’t believe its the last day of December. After watching many Youtube favorite videos I thought I would start doing these type of videos monthly. I enjoy seeing what products and brands other women like myself are using  and thought it might be useful to some to share my favorite items.