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The Beauty in Aquaphor

I was provided compensation for this post. All opinions are mine.

Nothing makes me feel like my dollar has been well spent more than purchasing products that have multiple uses. As the colder months approach, we all know how important it is to step up our beauty routines when it comes to our hair and skin.

Aquaphor does a little more than protect our skin from the harsh elements, it also has great beauty benefits for winter and year round skin care. Implementing these simple yet effective beauty regimens gives you an excuse to not only pamper yourself but to also protect your skin.

Protect and moisturize your Feet: Slather on a generous amount of Aquaphor to your feet nightly before covering them with warm cozy socks to lock in moisture. We often forget to take care of our feet during the winter months. This is a great way to show your feet love and keep them looking and feeling great all year long.

Keep Your Pout Looking Great: Utilize Aquaphors lip treatment to keep your lips moisturized. Don’t ruin the look of your favorite lip color with chapped lips. This purse sized option is great to keep on hand. Keep one in the car, your purse or on your desk for easy access.



Cuticle Care: I don’t have the time to get manicures at the salon so I often do them at home. Aquaphor serves as a great, heavy cuticle cream. With the harsh elements, applying Aquaphor to your cuticles will ensure your at home manicure looks its best!