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November 2010, just three months into building and making this virtual space a home I decided to crack my knuckles, wriggle my typing fingers and stand proudly at the starting line of NaBloPoMo also known as National Blog Posting Month.  For those not familiar, the month of November is a time for bloggers to join in the challenge, make new friends and blog about whatever they want  EVERY.DAY, as in weekends included throughout the month of November. Succeed and you win prizes.

Writing challenges exist throughout the year but only in November are there no prompts to follow. Prompts are there in the event someone wants to use them but generally it is a free for all when it comes to generating content. The goal of this challenge is to really stretch bloggers and writers to make time to put out great content, and push through.  In an effort to be successful at this I have planned nothing but I think I got it this year.

I go through a revolving door of emotions when it comes to blogging. There are times when I miss the uncrowded space that was full of genuine blogging and intent. I also stand behind my bloggers that only put out sponsored content because you know families and homes need money to thrive. Then I feel the need to continue to just be me in this space with minimal sponsored content and fill this space with more of what interests me and stay away from what has become mainstream blogging.

Hopefully over the next month, I’ll find a way to really continue to let this space be what it was intended to be while generating a few coins, making new friends, and forcing myself to pick up my camera and write from the heart about my life over the next month.

Sound easy enough? Is not. I have put my best intentions forward with this every year since 2010 and I think I have completed it just one time or never.

Blogging if done right will build communities. One of my communities, the Fab Top Five has decided we are going to keep each other encouraged, so I will be encouraging you to go take a peek at what they are posting for the month as well!

Kita – Kokoa Mag | Bernetta – Bernetta Style | MJ – Fab Haute Mama | Lashawn – Everyday Eyecandy

Here’s to 2015 and success?I can’t remember which year I finished, or if I ever did but if you want to go take a peek here is Novermber: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

See you tomorrow!



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  1. I can’t wait to read more from you guys this month! You are one of the first bloggers I followed and I love your blog. I love how you have continued to post quality content and remained true to “you” throughout your time blogging here. Cheers to blogging and community building. You ladies got this!
    Drea recently posted..My Two Cents | Spreading Love

  2. Where is my comment? Knowing me, I didn’t hit enter. I am on this journey with you girl. So far so good. You been in the game a long time. I love it.

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