Adventures in Toddler Beds

Sooooo…..the other day I drops Lil Mama off in the crib to keep her out of the way while I did some cleaning. She ain’t ( yes, ain’t) even in the crib 5 mins. I walk in just in time to see THIS….

Why? Obviously she din’t get the memo that people don’t plank anymore, and she couldn’t have been using that sweet noggin of hers to think that was a bit of a tumble if mama didn’t get there in time to catch her. Should’ve seen me trying to make sure she didn’t fall while reaching for my phone.

So the Mr. and I decided it was time to convert the crib to a toddler bed. First night…OMG. No matter how sleepy, I have bionic ears. At some ungodly hour I hear little feet, followed by…hi mommy. As I struggle to gain focus on the time on the cable box, she comes to the side of the bed clutching her doll, hollering cuP. Huh? By now I’ve focused on 2:45a. I scoop her up, put her in the middle of the bed. Next thing I know she’s peeling her dad’s eyelids back. Lawd, baby you can’t interrupt the breadwinner’s sleep. Off we go back in her room. She falls asleep. Then an hour later I hear my son through the monitor. Noooooo, moMeeeeeeee *focuses eyes…again. 3:47a. Walk to my son’s room and she is peeling his eyelids back. Scoop her up. Put her back back in her bed. I lie on the floor *dozes off* I feel little feet stepping on my back…she’s off again, wanders into the kitchen hollering eaT.  You guessed it *focuses eyes…again* 5:13a. I just got up and fixed her breakfast. She dozes off at 6 then has a diva fit when I wake her up at 7 to take Lil Man to school.

My son. NEVER did such a thing. Hopefully the new car smell of her ability to climb in and out of bed at will, will wear off soon.

Had this problem? Did you lock them in the room? I don’t want to do that, but not sure I want her lolly gagging around in the dark either. Taking advice…first up?




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  1. Bwahahaha these girls are so different from the boys. My son never wandered around at night. I never bought cribs for either kids I started them off in bassinet then toddler bed. The baby is in our room in her toddler bed but she use to get up also I would put the gate up so she would not go all over the place. I would also close all bathroom doors and put everything up out of the way just in case she got lose from the gate…..oh and they do climb the gate lol.
    kita recently posted..Talk Tuesday: Domestic Violence

  2. Oh, I got nothing for Lil Mama! This was definitely my comic relief of the morning. My son is almost two and hasn’t tried to get out of his crib. Maybe this will work: We have a baby gate in his doorway. We put it there to keep the dog out when he was a newborn and now it works to keep her from chewing up all the toys he leaves on the floor. Maybe if she had a gate, she’d at least stay safe in her room?
    Cam – Bibs & Baubles recently posted..Best Birthday Gift I Ever Got

  3. My daughter, Zee, sleeps with us, but I can so relate to this phase. She’ll climb over the safety gates we have (to keep her safe / out of the way), and she’ll hike her leg up and literally hoist herself over.

    Everything that she can remotely stand on, has to be removed from this apartment. While I can’t give you advice about the roaming around at night time other than put some chains on your front door; I know I had to.
    KalleyC recently posted..Defining Me from Within

  4. ok. I come baring advice lol!

    So Jasmine got her toddler bed when she was 15 months old. I never did the crib thing, she slept in her pack n play up until that point. Once she started trying to climb out I knew it was time to get her a big girl bed or “my own bed” as Jasmine likes to call it. She’ll be 2 at the end of this month and she still gets up and out her bed as she pleases and I promptly usher her right back to it and she’s asleep just as quickly.

    As she gets use to the bed she’ll stop getting out as often however, she’ll never stop completely ( sorry honey it’s been 9 months and my child still gets up out of the bed) My advice is to put her back in that bed without any words. She’ll get to the point where getting up will be pointless. Also a safety gate might be helpful but that fact that she’s a climber, it might just give her another thing to practice her skills on.
    Krissy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: School girl

  5. Now see! THIS is why I haven’t converted Pookahs bed yet! I just KNOW I would wake up to find him staring at me calling my name! Or he’d be in the bathroom, or the kitchen…….

  6. omg!!! I love this photo! she wants to break free! what a cute little girl. I hoped you kissed her little cheeks even tho she was a little stinker! You always get the such neat pictures of her.

  7. “Lawd, baby you can’t interrupt the breadwinner’s sleep.” LOL! This is SO true in our household. Anyway, just watched the vlog of you w/Lil Mama and she sounds JUST like Nia – too cute! About climbing out the bed . . . I did that too when I was about the same age and I’m just waiting for the day Nia figures it out. She’s climbing EVERYTHING now!
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  8. Oh my gosh, this is my worst nightmare! Wee ‘Burb is almost 2 and hasn’t tried once to get out of her crib!! She’s def. on the smaller side, but she just doesn’t get she can get out of it. We are going to move to a bed soon, but we decided we’d put a baby gate up and kind of lock her in. For us, it’s safety b/c we have stairs and if we ever forgot to close the gate at night, it would be really bad. So we have to keep her gated/locked in. Good luck!
    StephanieinSuburbia recently posted..Drawing the Line

  9. Bwahahaha these girls are so different from the boys. The baby is in our room in her toddler bed but she use to get up also I would put the gate up so she would not go all over the place.
    Joan Johns recently posted..Acne Tips

  10. Everything that she can remotely stand on, has to be removed from this apartment. My daughter, Zee, sleeps with us, but I can so relate to this phase. I’d try a baby gate and take away anything she can use as a ladder! The little diva is adventurous for sure.
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