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DIY Winter Stovetop Potpourri

Thank you to Cuties for partnering with Unlikely Martha and sponsoring this post. Citrus, cranberry, rosemary and cinnamon notes are perfect for the holiday season. They pair well together creating a fragrance that is a little bit sweet with a warm undertone. During this season we keep Cuties in abundance for lunch and snacks, so […]

Fall kitchen decor

DIY Open Shelves

It’s the weekend, and you do know weekends are the perfect time to tackle those pesky little projects that you’ve been walking past month after month vowing to get to. I know that struggle of having every intention to spruce this up or primp that there and then life and Netflix binge watching sessions and […]

DIY Bed Canopy

DIY Bed Net Canopy

On a Friday evening trip to Ikea, my daughter spotted a bed net canopy and in her very best begging voice pleaded her case for me to shell over $20 for something I knew I could make for under $10. I was right. Once we made it down to the first floor in Ikea, I […]

how to hang a gallery wall

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

A few months back, I finally got around to arranging the  9 frames that I picked up from Michael’s on my wall into a 3X3 grid for a gallery wall. Being very conservative let’s just say the frames sat for 3 months with nothing in them. One day while glancing at them I grabbed my […]