Unlikely Martha

I’m Slightly Obsessed With….

I always love seeing posts where people list out what they are obsessed with. Lately I have been finding myself being a real lunatic about certain things. Wanna see them…Here they go

Arm Candy: OMG! I have been scouring the Goodwill and Value Village for cheap bracelets. Pinterest hasn’t helped.

Source: jeanetteangel.tumblr.com via Mimi on Pinterest

Thrifting: Seriously I have probably been to the thrift store 8 times in the past week. I just kept finding great stuff and it was like an addiction. I went the other day and didn’t find anything so I guess I’m good for the next week. Funny story: There was a purse that I saw that made my heart race. Sad for me it didn’t have a tag on it so they had to send it back and it was to come back out in 24 hours. I called and went to the store 3 times in one day stalking it. I never got it. I’m still sad. It was perfect. It was this. Brand new. *Weeps on my keyboard*

Future: I am ashamed to say this. God is still working on me but I haven’t enjoyed a hoodmusic CD this much in a very long time. If I was still into the club scene I would go to hear this played at large bass filled volumes