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{Outfit of the Day} Pink and Green Tunic

I’ve been spending the majority of my days in jeans and tank tops. Nothing glamorous to see here.

Yesterday I photographed a friend of mine that will be welcoming her first child in August. This was the first time I made it out of the house with a purpose this week so  I stole the opportunity as a chance to put some clothes on..not in the literal sense of course.

I promise, there is nothing like a good tunic. Quick, easy and stylish.

pink and green tunic

This particular tunic has a story. I purchased it at an off season sale in 2009. When I got it home and hung it up, it dawned on me that it was pink and green and rekindled my desire to become an AKA.

pink and green tunic

I put it in my closet and let it hang there for 4 years. I never wore it. I used it as motivation, when I wanted to give up. Almost 5 years later, it sure feels good to put it on as an AKA.


I’ve been rocking and rolling with these white flower flip flops from Kohl’s. I probably wear them everyday!!


Tunic: Macy’s Shoes: Kohl’s Sunnies: Rayban Bracelets: TJ Maxx. Pink and Green ones were gifted

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Jacksonville Landing
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Weekend Shenanigans: AKA / Jacksonville Edition

Happy Monday!

As we move into our first full week of April it is rainy, cool and dreary here. I suppose this shouldn’t come as a surprise because April showers bring May flowers, however they failed to mention anything about the thunderstorm that startled me out of my sleep last night. The children are on Spring break this week so I am hoping that the weather clears up so that we can get out this week for a little Spring time fun.

This weekend, I took a trip to Jacksonville to attend my first AKA conference. I departed on Thursday afternoon and had a great time road tripping with my linesisters.


Upon our arrival we got registered and headed out to Jacksonville Landing for dinner and fellowship with a few other members of our chapter.

Alpha Kappa Alpha


Jacksonville Landing


Jacksonville Landing


The remainder of the weekend was spent attending workshops and plenary sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time away learning and having time to fellowship with other sorority members. I wish I had the opportunity to view a little more of what Jacksonville had to offer but time was limited so I look forward to taking a trip back there in the near future.

While I enjoyed the time away and the luxury of sleeping alone in a bed  not being sandwiched between a snorer and a toddler, I missed my family and was happy to make it home on Sunday.

How was your weekend?