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Mums the Word and House Updates

As much as I share over here, when I have moments of non sharing I feel like I’ve completely fallen off the wagon and you guys are all like where is Mimi and what is she doing…although I know you aren’t..

I’ve been kind of quiet, just processing some things and contemplating on some next steps career, blog and entrepreneurial wise. I just had to let it go the other day and remember that all things work out how and when they are supposed to. I’ll just keep repeating that to myself.

Really nothing newsworthy has been going on around here. I finally feel settled into the house and there are boxes still laying around. Oh well. I suppose we should just move them into the basement with all of the others and hope one day they will get unpacked…or not. As long as they are gone by Thanksgiving. We are hosting this year. Oh, and those curtains? Not mine.

Moving Boxes