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Let’s Get this Garden Started

A few weeks ago I shared with you the plans for my new garden.

I wanted to wait until the weather broke to make some true strides toward transforming the space but due to the weather and my lack of a chain saw I have to wait on someone else to do the hard part. I was just itching to get the party started, so I thought it would be a good idea to start the seeds indoors so that they could be transported whenever the time came for them to move outside.

On one of those nice sunny spring like days I sat outside with the children and we started the seedlings.

Seed Starter

I chose this brand because when the time comes for me to transplant them I just place the entire cup in the new dirt. It doesn’t require me being delicate or disturbing the root system.

I have purchased all organic seeds, and would like to keep the garden as close to organic as I can so after much discussion with a Home Depot garden center worker I decided on this organic potting mix designed specifically for container plants to put in the cups.

Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix

Seed starting

After all of the cups were filled I made holes about 1/2 inch to an inch in depth and allowed the children the drop the seeds in.

they added a little water…

seed starter

Not even a week later we have this.

Garden 1 week blog

Two of the cups are missing because I sat them on the porch by themselves and they blew over :-(.

I’ve purchased some additional cups to start more seedlings. I’ll update you on their progress next week.

Have I convinced you to try out a small garden?!!

DIY Gardening

Container Gardening Plans

Peeks of Spring have been playing mind tricks on us here in the Atlanta area. Days warming into the near 70s followed by dreadful 40s the next. While Mother Nature is being a little schizo, the truth of the matter is Spring will eventually come and it has me thinking about the plans for my very first garden.

I truly don’t know where to start, but reinventing the wheel is never a good thing so I have decided to use the planters that are already attached to the deck as the home for my herbs.



There are five of these planters in total attached to various sides of the deck. Not sure right now if they will all have herbs or if I will try to plant strawberries in some like the photo below.

hanging strawberries

Here’s another inspiration photo of  what I see for the space. I want to have a chair and table and wind chimes out there. Can you tell I’m nearing 40!!

container garden

While I’m still uncertain about some of the logistics, I do know that I will forgo digging actual beds in exchange for container and box planting, at least for this season. This is the space where they will go.


The bare tree is a Crepe Myrtle and is so pretty bloomed. I hope it doesn’t provide too much shade. We shall see. As you can tell no grass grows there so I think the boxes, planters and containers will be perfect for prettying up the space.


Somebody…read not me, with extra thick gloves and good intentions will need to go in and clear out those rose bushes. They bloomed last year and were so pretty but they are too far gone and I have no idea how to keep them so they must go. Besides they are thorny and hurt and I don’t like the kids getting too close.

…and while whomever is out there digging up those rose bushes, I’m thinking they will need to repair the deck as well *adds to honey do list* I’m bossy!


Have you ever planted a garden? Do you have any tips for me?