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fall layers + heirlooms

Fall glorious fall, your golden, and red leaves are pure eye candy.  Your pumpkins and mums make everything right with the world but your wishy washy weather makes me want to throw things, specifically those pumpkins on my porch that I love so much.

The weather extremes here over the past few weeks have been totally unpredictable. I always struggle with whether to dress for the season or for the weather. My one go to look during this in between time is the all familiar concept of fall layers.

Banana Republic Sweater


When I layer and the temps heat up I either tie the sweater over my shoulders or around my waist.

Recently,I’ve been trying to get things in order around here, and in the process of clearing out unpacked boxes I am always coming up on some of my mother’s things. Things that I once planned to only store away but have decided that I am going to wear and use some of these things.

Like this bag.


Banana Republic


It’s a little worn and has some stains but I plan to take it to a leather repair shop and get it whipped back into good shape. It even has her initials on it. *I’m not crying typing this….I promise*




Banana Republic Sweaters



Banana Republic


This sweater was a total score. I got it on clearance, and clearance just happened to be an additional 30% off. Paid a whopping $13 for it.  Have you found a good deal lately?

Banana Republic Sweater

Blouse and Sweater: Banana Republic (Similar for $19) | Jeans: Express| Necklace: Thrifted| Bracelet: Macys|Shoes: Target (Similar for $13)

Oh. My son took these photos in exchange for an hour of iPad time, as he is on punishment. I didn’t direct him at all other than teaching him to focus the lens. No more tripods and remotes for me, I have an official photographer. He actually enjoyed it, unlike his Dad who gives me at max 10 shots to get it right.

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Escaping a Style Rut…Part I

Style Rut can be defined as that dark hole that we can easily fall in as a result of building a career, joining the ranks of motherhood, or not having the time to stay abreast of the latest trends and styles.

We go from wearing well tailored clothing to “mom jeans” and tattered sweatpants. Those things that we wouldn’t have been caught dead in during the peak of our style career and now we will side eye anyone who attempts to stare too long at our choice of grocery store attire. We know what they’re thinking because we used to be them. Now we just don’t care…Please note I said we…

No more. The fall is coming and what better time to resurrect our sense of style and pride in our looks than the start of a new season.