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{#OurProject52} 2/52 – Morning

Am I a morning person? Depends on the day. My mornings vary depending on the day of the week but there is one staple to my mornings. We often miss the school bus and some days I don’t feel like rigging my bootleg coffee machine, and two days a week my neighbor takes my daughter to school but there is one morning activity that I do at least 98% of the time.


4 Tips on How To Take Great Photos Without a DSLR

Seeing someone with a high powered camera can do something to our psyche. One of which may cause you to tuck your little seemingly unimportant point and shoot into your pocket or purse out of frustration, and maybe even envy.

Fret not.

Today I am going to give you some tips on how to get a good photo with your point and shoot. To further prove my point all photos in this post were taken with my Samsung, under $200 point and shoot that I reviewed here.

4 Tips on How to Take Great Photos