{#OurProject52} 2/52 – Morning

Am I a morning person? Depends on the day. My mornings vary depending on the day of the week but there is one staple to my mornings. We often miss the school bus and some days I don’t feel like rigging my bootleg coffee machine, and two days a week my neighbor takes my daughter to school but there is one morning activity that I do at least 98% of the time.


I throw in two loads every morning and fold the loads from the night before in the morning while I watch the news.


ISO: 1600 / 60mm / f.28 / 1/15

 Tip: For more interesting photos try shooting from above, below or at eye level. I was laying on my stomach and my camera was on the floor to achieve this shot.

Thank you so much for linking up last week. The response was overwhelming and we thank you for sharing with your communities and we know we will only learn more and build a better community as the weeks pass! Be sure to scoot on over to Everyday Eyecandy and get a glimpse at what Lashawn’s morning looks like!

Project 52

Can’t wait to see your guilty pleasures next week. Try to implement a few of the tips Lashawn and I have shared to test your creativity. Link up below and we’ll see you next week!

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  1. That’s not a bad idea to throw your laundry in first thing in the morning. I’m sure it’s something I won’t get around to most days – I like the snooze button, but still a great idea. At my house I let it pile up until we’re running low on clothes. It means we wear more of what we own, but mostly it’s because I’m lazy. 😉
    Andrea @ recently posted..Project 52 – Not a Morning Person

  2. This year one of my goals was to be better about staying on top of laundry. I just hate folding. And I couldn’t help but notice that you tossed that Ariel costume in the washer. Girl, I have been hand washing and spot cleaning those things. Now that I know it won’t fall apart they’ll be going in the washer from now on!
    Tia recently posted..#OurProject52: Morning

    1. See I’m good with the folding as long as the clothes are warm. Now if they aren’t warm and still smell of fabric softener the love is gone.

  3. I’m not even about to tell you how much undone laundry I’ve been staring at. I figure Saturday may be a good time to tackle it. #teamtrifling I wish I had more mornings during the week to myself 🙁
    Law_Fal recently posted..More.

  4. Love this shot Mimi. I’m all flustered trying to get good shots and you make it look effortless. Definitely taking you tip. Now as for laundry… “Hated It!” I can’t stand it. The Hubs tried to help but he made it worse. His only job is to haul it from the top floor to the basement. I need to throw in loads in the morning. That would help. I have a backlog of folding to do right now. Sigh… New house with laundry room on same floor as bedroom is high on my list of needs. Not wants, NEEDS!
    MJ recently posted..Our Project 52 Week 2: Morning

  5. I seriously hate laundry!
    We have a system at home, where my husband washes and I fold. I would rather wash then fold but the way his folding is set up 🙁
    Sometimes I get lazy and don’t fold until 2 days after the laundry has been washed 🙁

    Great shot!!!!
    Charlotte recently posted..the black dress

  6. I do that too! Laundry is never ending so I’m perpetually starting a load on the way to drop off (if I’m not running too late) or I do it as soon as I walk in and then fold during naptime while catching up on my reality shows!
    I’d totally forgotten this project. Definitely want to link up for next week!

  7. One of my goals this year is to create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Hopefully, I create a schedule by the end of this month because I really need one. I’ve been doing really good with folding my clothes lately, but it’s things like shredding papers and decluttering that I need to really work on. My shred pile is ridiculous.
    Sonya recently posted..Cookies for Breakfast #OurProject52

  8. I am that person that washes clothes…leaving clean clothes in the dryer …forgetting…not folding for days. I am horrible. I never thought to wash a load a day. I usually just wait and sort. Clearly that isn’t working out for me. LOL I need to give your method a try.
    Teems recently posted..#OurProject52 Morning {Week 2}

    1. I promise it makes life so much easier. Mondays I do whites and lights. Tuesday, Darks and denim. Wednesday, linen and bedding. Rest of the week none!!

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