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{#OurProject52} Backlight

So hard to believe that we are already at week 31 of this challenge. THIRTY ONE. I’ll let that sit. The end of the year will be here before we know it.

This week we are looking at backlight.

My little lady is quite the performer. QUITE. She enjoys singing her favorite Kidz Bop tunes into my tripod as if it is a microphone. As I was taking in one of her performances I snapped this photo. While you can’t see her clearly the backlight made this one a little special to me. Mommy’s little lady, like the sun coming through the window loves to shine!

Be sure to stop by and see what LaShawn’s pick for the week is!

Project 52


Thank you for those of you that continue to link up week to week. We appreciate you. Link will stay open for one week!


#OurProject52 – 10/52 Green

How fitting a prompt for this week as Atlanta saw the longest stretch of Spring that we’ve seen in nearly a year. Although rainy, the clouds couldn’t put a damper on warmer temperatures that have really set off my gardening “green” thumb.

I set off to Home Depot a few days ago to pick up dirt and compost for my garden containers. Needless to say the flower set off my sinuses and I ended up in the bed at 6p with the worst sinus headache ever. I digress


{#OurProject52} 8/52 – From Where I Stand

The thing I’ve learned about photography is that sometimes getting the right shot will take more than just aiming the camera at an object and pushing the shutter button. I’ve learned that getting decent pictures for this little blog will sometimes require a few hacks and tricks.

For my Pantry Makeover post I needed to get a shot of the top cabinets and standing on the floor and shooting up just wasn’t getting it for me so I had to take a bit of a drastic measure when my tripod wouldn’t get tall enough.


{OurProject#52} Week 7/52 LOVE

You will have to excuse my subpar submission for today. I’m getting old and traveling is starting to take a toll on me. I’m still not back in full swing from this weekends trip but luckily the weekend in Orlando was focused on love, marriage and family.

Really and truly the ultimate form of love is that of family so I just decided to put all of the selfies and photos I took from this weekend with my children and family and use it as my photo for the week. Love, wedding, family, it works!!