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#OurProject52 13/52 – Spring

Ummmmm….how are we already 13 weeks into the new year?!! Time is moving. Spring is here to stay…hopefully. I’ve been spending these cool, bug free nights on my porch in my thoughts and feels the last few days. Nothing more peaceful.

This week the prompt was Spring.


A Sneak Peek of Spring

Yesterday the weather was glorious. The temperature maxed out at 79 degrees and nothing cheered my heart so than to spend an afternoon outside. I love the outdoors, a trait that I must’ve been born with because I have vivid memories of begging to get in a last double dutch jump before the street lights came on.

Some wouldn’t turn because they were afraid to let the lights come on before they got home. Not me. I remember hearing her yelling my name to come in so that I could be ushered directly to the bathtub without any chances of passing go because I’d been out all day.


Container Gardening Tips

I know you read the title and thought it is nearly freezing outside why would anyone be thinking about gardening but I’m here to tell you I am starting to plan out my garden for this year. Last year was my first year and I had a great yield. I poorly documented it as life got in the way but we saw tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, scallions, green beans, and a baby watermelon amongst a few spices  grow right on our deck.