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Structured Summertime Fun for Children

I despise structure, however at the same time I crave it. I know weird, I guess I liken it to the need to be able to do whatever I want but have some structure while I’m doing whatever I want.

I mentioned earlier in the week house hunting basically consumed my time for the past few weeks and while I was staring with glazed eyes at what seemed like every house on the market in the Atlanta area, I kind of let my children do their own thing. Well letting them “do their own thing” resulted in their sleeping and eating schedules to be completely thrown off.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong 4 Life campaign stresses the importance of making sure our children have some sort of structure during the summer to ward off restlessness and irritability. Yes, please. Tell me more, because the little people attitudes around here are at an all time high.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Strong 4 Life