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After Halloween passes I feel like tomorrow will be Christmas Day. The next few weeks will fly by as we get ready for the Holidays. I’m still looking at my planner like when did all of these pages get used because this year owed us nothing and kept it moving.

This weekend the kids were extra giddy about Halloween. This was the first year I didn’t have to do any of the Trick or Treating. They both were with their friends and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get photos of them together in their costumes like last year



Friday night, I slid out to Bahama Breeze for some eats with my inlaws to celebrate my SIL’s birthday. I didn’t get home until 2a, then was back up and at it early Saturday. I spent a large part of the weekend in my car.

Quietly, as my children get older I think I should get a proper chauffeur uniform because a large part of my life is spent driving them to and fro. I complain but it’s all good, soon they’ll be asking for the keys.

We had a great weekend. Want to see it live and in living color? Click play below!

Living Vlog

Weekend Vlog – Date Night. House Hunters Marathon. Chill Mode

It is Thursday, and I am just getting around to posting our weekend vlog from the weekend past. I now feel accountable to get these up even if it is days before the next weekend. Had some technical difficulties this week so I apologize for the delay. My husband is making one of his crude comments/cameo this week! I can’t with him.

Living Vlog

Weekend Vlog – Old Navy. Gardening. Easter

This weekend was action packed. From shopping to gardening we were out and about. Easter was great, we went to brunch with my college roommate and I tried my hand at putting together a container planter.

I am so happy to see warmer weather, the outdoors have been calling my name for some time and I am glad to finally be able to enjoy them, I’m sure  I’ll enjoy being outside even more when the pollen finishes falling.