It’s All Fun and Games Until….

A few housekeeping items:

First, I am delighted to announce I am now contributing over at Mami 2 Mommy on Mondays. I wasn’t able to blog yesterday so get your boot-ay over there and show your girl and Mami 2 Mommy some love. I’m really excited about the opportunity. 

Second, I have noticed over the past week or two I have gained an influx of new followers. Not sure where you came from but I am ecstatic to have you. To all of you who come by to read..Thank you!

On to the good and not so good stuff.

Weekend went {kinda} great. Early Saturday evening, our family and my inlaws got together and headed over to Stone Mountain park for a picnic dinner. While the guys played the girls sat around and chatted.

After that I went and grabbed a pre-birthday cocktail with Niya

Sunday, I hooked up with Niya and another one of the besties and headed over to an event called Parent Palooza. The kids had a ball, and we got to hang out. That’s always a good time.


 So after all of that. Sunday, I got home to sit down and go through the mail and I got a letter from my doctor. Awhile ago I mentioned that I was battling high blood pressure. I am currently on medication and with some changes to my diet I have managed to get it down to a decent 118/93. Bottom is still a little hight but baby steps. Okay? I went to the Dr. a few weeks go for a Blood pressure visit and they ran some tests and now the tests come back that my cholesterol is Off. THEE. Chain. *rolls eyes*

Sheesh, I mean extremely high..the bad one. She said if I can’t get it under control by my next visit on meds I go. I’m not happy about this. I try to watch what we eat, but I guess sometimes heredity trumps all. So now I am on a quest to find out how to lower cholesterol. I am one of those naturally thin people. I may weigh 135 soaking wet, but it looks like exercise is not an option.

Being a parent means taking care of ourselves, and I have to swallow that pill and understand that I am getting older and need to do a better job at  taking care of myself if I am going to be here for my babies.

Any of you have high cholesterol? How do you manage it? How was your weekend?

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    1. Thanks! Parent Palooza was good. Lots of good information for parents, and there were games for the kids. Nothing really for lil babies but the the big kids had a good time.

  1. Isn’t your birthday coming up? You look beautiful in those photos!!
    I was once told I had high BP and that my doc wanted to put me on BP meds. I wasn’t even 30 yet and I thought that was too young to start a BP med. Turns out my BP had a lot to do with stress and anxiety. I had to make lifestyle changes. It also runs in my family, too. So, it sounds to me like you do everything you can to control the BP and cholesterol, it may be time for additional help with a medicine. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself!
    Alicia recently posted..Bethenny is Happy!

    1. Yaaaasssss!! My birthday is tomorrow! I agree. I think I am too young to be on meds but it was way too high for her to let me go without. My plan is to get both down and see if we can start to wean me off of the BP meds…that’s MY plan.

  2. Congrats on new gig so happy for you. We gotta get off those meds soon keep us updated and don’t stress about it. I find that many times doctors put more stress on us than what we need. Happy early birthday before I forget.
    Kita recently posted..Throwing out a biz idea

  3. Congrats on your new Monday gig! That’s fabulous! Your birthday weekend looks like a lot of fun! I used to live in Georgia, so Stone Mountain Park is very familiar to me.

    On the cholesterol thing, my dad and many on his side have long struggled with the issue. Thankfully, I do not have a problem with my cholesterol but I attribute that to making more of an effort to eating more plant-based foods and less animal products. Diets are hard to change, but the results are so worth it. Try giving up meat and dairy or limit your meat to once or twice a week, and I am sure that should make a difference.

    Jessica recently posted..Tired mommy Creative mommy

  4. High blood pressure? It seems that more and more younger (and skinny) people are getting hb… My mom had it and only got it to go down after she lost a lot of weight. Stay healthy! I heard about Parent Palooza but I was nervous about how it was going to be!!! BTW you look FAB in your pics!!!!
    Franchesca Lane recently posted..Run Forest Run-Part Deux

  5. COngrats on being a contributer!!!

    My mom is also one of those naturally skinny people who eats right, exercises and still has high cholesterol. I guess I’ll be next. She has managed not to go on meds by dramatically changing her diet. I’ll have to ask her exactly what she does( I know red meat is now a no no for the most part). But her cholesterol actually went down!
    Rose’s daughter recently posted..Sleep Chronicles…revisited

  6. I am getting caught up on my blog reading! So, let’s start with Happy Belated Birthday! Great one shoulder dress, love the color. As always, thanks for sharing your adventures with your readers!!!!! I am contemplating how I will celebrate my Birthday on 3/30! I will be 41! Hard to wrap my mind around getting old, but happy to be alive one mo year!!!!!
    lynn recently posted..GET A- LEG UP ON THE WEEKEND

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