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My MIL nailed it with my Christmas gift. I imagine her stepping into H&M, holding this sweater dress up and saying, ” This is so Mimi”

I love this sweater dress, it will be in heavy rotation in the following weeks. I stepped out to a fun blog event last week that I’ll tell you all about soon and wore this awesome piece of clothing.


It’s gray, and  plain except for the slits on the side and the seam down the center. The slits aren’t too high where it couldn’t be worn as a dress with a cute pair of leggings or tights. I opted for jeans.

Although it is sweater material you will be seeing this in the Spring with some sandals and rolled up sleeves.

I am likely to wear this one until it has lint balls on it. Judge me.

Sweater Dress: H&M | Jeans: Stitch Fix | Scarf: Target | Cuff: Macy’s | Shoes: Gucci | Sunnies: Valentino








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  1. I agree with so much of what you have articulated, BJ — which is one reason that the entire GOP position of “American exceptionalism” makes me so queasy. We haven’t always been a force for good in this world (not by a long shot) and to think that we are above reproach and have no reason to ever apologize for some of the terrible injustices we’ve done is short-sighted and counter-productive. I love America but I also love this planet and feel as if self-determination of people is a good thing. WE don’t have to tell everybody in the world how to live — it’s not our business.

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  4. ha… painting the dogs nails. I think it’s a general loss of mojo in January. We get all wrapped up in Dec baking and then the holidays are just suddenly over. These look fantastic though. I love how they’re wrapped so perfectly and covered with cheese on top!

  5. SÃ¥ gøy med golf for far og sønn!!Kanskje du pg snuppa kan begynne med ballett eller turn, hihi!Jeg hÃ¥per ogsÃ¥ at mine barn blir glad i idrett, men finner de noe annet de liker bedre sÃ¥ vær sÃ¥ god…jeg har selv sunget i kor og dansa ballett i 7 Ã¥r, men hovedinteressen har vært hÃ¥ndball i mange Ã¥r…ser ut som det gÃ¥r i arv ja..Herlige bilder!Klem Bodil

  6. Believe me after having lived with my bf for 4 years and with a so called friend for 1 year I got back home: I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! Although the other evening I was very sad… and driving home I thought: it's such a good thing that I don't live on my own… and it's such a good thing that it's family awaiting me.

  7. Hopefully things will improve under its new editor, but “Reason” got more and more boring as it became ever more politically correct under its old editor Nick whatever his name was. Do grown-ups still read it anymore?”Reason” has a few decent thinkers left like Ron Bailey, but mostly it’s getting left far behind by the flood of 21st Century science, while it’s stuck in 1990s political correctness.The future does not belong to the easily shocked …

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  10. For a bunch of supposedly smart guys, the Bonesmen have certainly had a baleful influence on America. It’s enough to make me wonder if the spirit of Geronimo is somehow acting through them to take his revenge. Maybe somebody should bury that skull before it’s too late!

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  13. I’m passionate about housekeeping (no i’m just kidding). I love to spend time with my husband and my little son (he’s six now). And I’m so glad I’ve found scrapbooking. Love spending time creating all these pages and little books with memories for my boy.Hope he’ll love to read everything when he gow’s up. Bye Irene from the Netherlands

  14. This sounds yummy, with the cream cheese in the sauce. I'll bet it makes it nice and rich and deeee-licious 🙂 I'm afraid I'm like you when it comes to moving on to the next recipe rather than perfecting just a few. But my husband is a really good cook. He's got five or ten favorites that he makes a lot and boy are they good! With mine, you never know if it'll be a hit or a miss.

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