project 365| 4-10

Late to bed, early to rise makes a woman healthy, wealthy, wise and tired.

File Jan 10, 9 54 18 PM


Jack and Lily X 25. I love an eager reader

File Jan 06, 12 23 33 AM


A watched iPad is something like a pot.



Homemade calzones started with yeast rolls. I’ll share the recipe soon

File Jan 10, 9 47 51 PM


By Thursday, I’m on two cups a day. One for the morning and one for the ride to music lessons.

File Jan 10, 9 37 35 PM


Picking tile is exhausting.

File Jan 10, 9 36 31 PM


A cold Saturday night with nothing to do.

File Jan 10, 9 35 55 PM


You know what they say about failing to plan

File Jan 10, 10 19 07 PM



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