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Blurb Photo Book: Gifting Memories for the Holidays

November 25, 2018

Thank you Blurb for sponsoring this post.

I’m one of those sappy moms, for my kids and yours too. I’ve been blogging for over 8 years, and during that span of time I’ve built lifelong friendships with people in the internet and watched their children grow like I’ve watched my own.

Say what you want about social media, but one of the great parts of it involves capturing and freezing memories and moments in your life. I’m all  for nostalgia, and I’ve been trying to do better about taking those moments out of my camera/phone and put them into tangible books that can be displayed in our home for other people to see.

I recently decided to do a through the years look at my children. I dug and found photos of them from years ago until now. Once I pinpointed a few of my faves from over the years, I went to Blurb and created a small square 7X7 photo book of memories to gift the grandparents this holiday season.

Blurb photo book

The process was fairly easy. The most challenging part of the process, hands down was selecting the photos. To create the book layout I utilized BookWright, Blurb’s free desktop software. The software integrated easily with my Dropbox, and social accounts making it easy to transfer photos into the software.

Once the images were in the software, the fun part involved playing around with the plethora of page and cover template options. I found this extremely helpful, especially if you are not creatively inclined. The templates made it easy to create a beautiful photo book out of your photographed memories.

Blurb photo book

There were a variety of paper options. I was extremely torn between going with the matte paper option and the lustre/glossy one. I finally decided to go with the lustre finish on premium paper. You can request a swatch kit to get a literal feel, and look at the available paper options. I highly recommend this if you plan on making multiple books.

I remember my mother having boxes of printed photos. I think we forget the satisfaction that comes with looking at printed photos. Looking at a printed photo will never get old, I was blown away at the quality of the book and the sharpness of my photo images.

Blurb Photo Book

Photo books make great gifts for grandparents, aunts or other family members that don’t get to see you or your family often…and seeing them on social media doesn’t count! Have you ever given a photo book as a gift?


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