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Encouragement in the Unexpected

As I was watching a rerun of Fixer Upper this evening while folding clothes, the episode where Joanna first discovered the Silos was the soundtrack to my epic folding session. 

I listened closely to the parts where she shared her dream about what she saw for the silos even though it was a run down mess and all but a dream in her head. She talked about that retail space, and the bakery that I saw on my visit there earlier this year.

Watching her intently share this far fetched idea, that is now a reality I was encouraged to keep moving and going while encouraging myself.

Encouraging words, scenarios and situations are all around us daily. Tapping into them when necessary can do wonders for helping you encourage yourself when you can’t see how everything will work out.

That one hour of seeing her raw emotion regarding the silos and the fact that she brought that dream to fruition was something I needed to see.

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