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Never Forget

There are a few things I don’t openly discuss. Those would be religion, politics, sex and salary. As it should be. However, as I sit and watch the election results come in, while not surprised I am truly surprised at how close the race is. I don’t believe all Republicans are racist but the ugly […]

Banana Republic

i blogged everyday

I completed NaBloPoMo. I actually blogged everyday this month. The end was suspect but I finished and I don’t think next November I’ll be signing up. Putting out content to just put it out doesn’t do it for me. I enjoyed the challenge but glad it is over and I can say I conquered NaBloPoMo. […]

{#OurProject52} Summer

Well folks, looks like the unofficial end to Summer is here. We’ve had an amazing laid back Summer full of fun, swimming, movies and outdoor play. I’ve enjoyed lounging around with no schedule and telling folks to eat sandwiches for dinner. Today, we’ll venture to Open House at 5:00 and and see teachers and friends. […]