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Encouragement in the Unexpected

As I was watching a rerun of Fixer Upper this evening while folding clothes, the episode where Joanna first discovered the Silos was the soundtrack to my epic folding session. 

I listened closely to the parts where she shared her dream about what she saw for the silos even though it was a run down mess and all but a dream in her head. She talked about that retail space, and the bakery that I saw on my visit there earlier this year.

Watching her intently share this far fetched idea, that is now a reality I was encouraged to keep moving and going while encouraging myself.

Encouraging words, scenarios and situations are all around us daily. Tapping into them when necessary can do wonders for helping you encourage yourself when you can’t see how everything will work out.

That one hour of seeing her raw emotion regarding the silos and the fact that she brought that dream to fruition was something I needed to see.

Living Uncategorized

Never Forget

There are a few things I don’t openly discuss. Those would be religion, politics, sex and salary. As it should be.

However, as I sit and watch the election results come in, while not surprised I am truly surprised at how close the race is. I don’t believe all Republicans are racist but the ugly that has seeped from the underbelly of this nation has me sad. Very sad.

While I have customarily given people the benefit of the doubt and respected their opinions and their right to vote on what is best for them, I’m sure it will be a very long time before I am able to not wonder if my neighbors and those that teach my kids and wave at me at my mailbox are undercover racists. I hate living like this but truth be told, I may not remember a name but I never forget a face, or a yard sign, or a hat. 


See you tomorrow…..cause NaBloPoMo

Banana Republic

i blogged everyday

I completed NaBloPoMo. I actually blogged everyday this month. The end was suspect but I finished and I don’t think next November I’ll be signing up.

Putting out content to just put it out doesn’t do it for me. I enjoyed the challenge but glad it is over and I can say I conquered NaBloPoMo. Now I am looking forward to really bringing back content that is well thought out and curated once or twice a week or whenever the spirit hits me..but I finished!

My mindset on blogging has changed over the past few months and this challenge really solidified for me that I still love blogging for the love of blogging and while making an income from it is nice, it doesn’t trump the love and connection I feel with my audience so I will be making some adjustments in 2016 and I am excited about it.

I have some fashion posts coming up in the next week and a fun giveaway so make sure to stay tuned. Thanks to everyone who hung in there with me. Starting tomorrow we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program.

If you missed any of my posts from November you can find them all here.





{#OurProject52} Summer

Well folks, looks like the unofficial end to Summer is here. We’ve had an amazing laid back Summer full of fun, swimming, movies and outdoor play. I’ve enjoyed lounging around with no schedule and telling folks to eat sandwiches for dinner. Today, we’ll venture to Open House at 5:00 and and see teachers and friends. Just as I anticipated the end of school I am looking forward to what the second half of the year brings.

Here are a few of my favorites from this Summer!

We started the summer of with Baby Shopaholic and her daughter to Babyland General for Cabbage Patch Kids.

The rest of the summer has been full of outdoor play, work….and naps

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


File Jul 30, 7 54 11 AM


Fun with my girLS

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Movie nights with the kids watching Annie….like a million times

File Jul 30, 7 47 09 AM


Throwing my husband a surprise birthday party during the family reunion

Sneaking away for a few days of fun in the sun with family

Hope your Summer was fun. I’ll be back to regular posting within a week or so!

Join us in the link up and share some of your favorite photos from Summer. Link will be open for a week! Be sure to swing by and see what LaShawn’s Summer is looking like!