planner planning part I

The new year is on its way and I have been doing a ton of research on planners and which one I am going to go with for the new year. Looked at both Erin Condren and Whitney English, was almost certain I was going with Whitney English until I went in Target and spent a whole 30 minutes at the end cap opening and closing and comparing all of the different types of Sugar Paper planners. Mae Bad on Youtube has a great video on the comparisons if you are into these things.

There were two in particular that I just loved, they each had something that the other one didn’t. I ended up going with this one.


Although I am not completely certain I am going with this one, I purchased it because there were only a few left and as I thought they are now sold out at my Target and online. I’m still a lot smitten with the Whitney English Day Designer so I may still get that one. We’ll see.

I did some planner decorating last year but mostly the monthly views, not the weekly views which I really want to get more into next year. I hit up Hobby Lobby last week because they had all stickers on sale for 50% off so I’ve started building my sticker stash. I plan to play around with stamping and washi tape a little more.

I’ll do a haul of all of my planner supplies in a few weeks as I am still collecting and waiting on a few things to come from Amazon that I ordered.

What planner are you going with in 2016? Didn’t know all of this was such a big deal? If not check out #plannernerd #plannercommunity and #planneraddict on a social media outlet of your choice. You’ll see.

This. Is. Serious.


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  1. You know I am team Whitney English! My mini came last week and it is so pretty! I am a little apprehensive about it being smaller, but I really want to be able to carry it around with me sometimes. I keep seeing the sugar paper planners and I really want to try them out, but I’m trying to STICK TO ONE THING! LOL
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  2. Why can’t this process be simpler,lol. I have the Sugar Paper planner from last year and I liked it. It has enough space for all of my stuff. And it fits my budget,lol. I’ve thought about the Simplified Planner and the Passion Planner, but just not sure when I can spend $10 on a planner that works just as great.

  3. I had Sugar Paper planner this year and loved it…the upcoming year I will be using the Happy Planner. It’s originally $24…but I went in Michaels last week and it was 50% off and some of the stickers were 50% off and I ended up starting my collection for $23 because I also had a coupon, I got the planner and stickers! I may get the sugar paper monthly planner to keep on me at all times because the planner I have is a little bulky but I really like this one! My cousin got me hooked!
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  4. I’ve found my people. lol I was just obsessing over planners yesterday. I was checking out Erin Condren, I wasn’t familiar with her items. I had the Happy Planner this year which I like but its a bit big and heavy to carry around on a regular basis. I need something that isn’t as thick. I have all kinds of sticks so that is easy for I need thin so I can actually use it.

  5. I didn’t know it was such a big deal until I saw someone post it on IG. I’ve been looking for something to help me keep my life on track and I figured a planner would be it. Ummmm a $60 planner is not for me though. I will go with something cheaper.

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