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If we are judging by the weather solely, in Atlanta where a slight chill on the wind this time of year makes seasonal sense to light a fireplace,  indulge in a TV show and a mug of hot chocolate, this  year it is beginning to NOT look a lot  like Christmas.

The weather has been so warm that I am really having a difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit. The elves have moved all of maybe 10 times total and within the same 5 feet radius. I’m pretty over them at this point.

I’ve managed to sprinkle a few Christmas decorations about here and there.

Holiday home decor

I’ve visited homes this season that put my meager decorations to shame. I’m okay with it, because I’m planning to hit up the after Christmas sales and pick up some good ornaments and other decor for next year. I’ll refrain from showing you a photo of the tree because well frankly it looks like it belongs in a Kindergarten class

Holiday home decor

I let Addison decorate the tree this year, and it is full of her handmade decorations. Each child got two years and this is her last. Next year I see visions of a beautiful well coordinated pre lit false tree with cascading ribbons and glass ornaments. I’ll get them individual tress for their rooms next year that they can decorate.

Holiday home decor

A few touches here and there have given our home some Christmas cheer

Holiday home decor

On this 22nd day of December I’m happy to say all of my Christmas shopping is done. I know I said I wasn’t a fan of online shopping. I lied.

I did everything online and it was the best thing EVER.

Holiday home decor

We refrained from going overboard this year. Each child was granted three things that they really wanted. Two of the items my son wanted still needs to be purchased from the store and we’ll grab those items today.

Holiday home decor

We’ve gotten a plethora of Christmas cards over the past few days. My stepdaughter wasn’t with us over Thanksgiving and I didn’t feel comfortable sending out a photo card without her in it.  I’ll set up my tripod over the next few days and capture a photo of all of us and send out New Years cards instead.

About Christmas dinner? I’m not cooking.

I’m sure we’ll have people over but that job will be on my husband this year. He might want to get out to the grocery store because if I had my way we would be putting our legs up under another family’s table in exchange for washing the dishes and bringing a dessert.

How are your last few days of Christmas prep going? Are you done shopping? Are you just getting started?

What’s for dinner? I might fall through!


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  1. I love your ramblings! They make me chuckle every time. All of our Christmas shopping is done and I am proud to say that it has been done for a while. I actually did alot from the comfort of my couch while I was still on maternity leave. We hosted thanksgiving so we passed the torch on to my parents for Christmas. We all wanted something different so we plan to grill steaks and chicken and each family is bringing a side dish! Simple and straight forward. I am currently at work addressing our holiday cards….late I know but they are getting done. I pray that you and your family have an amazing Christmas!

  2. I don’t do decor so I will be hiring you when I move lol. My son and daughter has one item each which are huge items and I kind of feel bad that they aren’t getting anything more….key word kind of. They will be okay. I am going to run today to finish up gifts for others and I plan on coming through your neck of the woods too. I hope the traffic isn’t as bad but who am I kidding *sigh*
    kita recently posted..Cooking With the Kids: Cookies for Santa

  3. I don’t do decor for Christmas, maybe since we don’t have kids I really don’t get in the Christmas spirit. Our shopping for the moms and dads are done so now we are just chilling. Christmas dinner is always on the husband every year, he grills the meat and veggies and I go to Publix for the potato salad!! The weather is still in the 80’s down here, we never have cold weather for Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  4. Hi Mimi! I am enjoying your blog. I love the lay-out and the simplicity of the white background. I am going to do something similar with my new site.
    Your photography is wonderful! Can you give me some tips? In exchange, I will help you with that sewing machine!

    Merry Christmas!

    Lisa Brooks

  5. The only tree we have up is the 3 ft. tree that is in my son’s room. He asked if his tree could be the family tree this year and I agreed, but I miss having a tree in the living room. So we will probably but it up tonight 🙂 I’m going to make a big pan of lasagna with a salad and a few dessert options and that will be our Christmas dinner. I don’t feel like going all out for dinner this year.
    I hope your family has a Merry Christmas 🙂
    Sonya recently posted..Barnes & Noble 25% Off Coupon (Valid Thru 12/24)

  6. It’s so hot in Houston it’s ridiculously. I decided against Christmas this year, so hopefully my mama and sister come through in the clutch because if not I’ll just be in my apartment reading and watching tv till 2016…. Love your decor. Simple yet classic!
    Law_Fal recently posted..Ready.

  7. Online shopping is bae! I have been doing it every year for the past few years and I love it! Since I cook so much for Thanksgiving our Christmas tradition is to have tacos. 🙂 I make a Mexican “buffet” and we make bowls, tacos, nachos or whatever it is that we want. It makes things so easy for me.
    Tia recently posted..WaterWipes at Target

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