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Just Another MANICure Monday

July 15, 2013

I chose to keep my MANICure simple this week. We are getting back to normal with the link ups so you can find the linky at Efie’s house this week.

I used Sally Hansen’s Good to Grape and Revlon’s Whimsical top coat to give a little shimmer to the purple. I wasn’t thrilled or disappointed with the purple. It was just purple, I almost wanted it to be a little lighter but I loved the outcome when I lightly overlayed it with the Whimsical.

Sally Hansen Good to Grape

Beauty Nail Polish

Just Another MANICure Monday

July 8, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend. The weather here was awful the entire weekend so I laid low and got some rest and managed to shut my door at some point during the weekend and dared anyone enter so I had time to do another slightly awful attempt at nail art.  Sorry for the awful pictures this week. My DSLR is dead, and my little point and shoot that I love so much has turned up missing at the hands of a toddler, so yeah, you will have to deal with iPhone shots today!

I was determined to dig in the bottom of my nail polish abyss and use colors that I don’t normally use so that is how this orange and purple combo came to be. Do not ask me the name of the orange polish I used because it is probably where my camera is *insert side eye*

MANIC Monday 070713 II

Beauty Nail Polish

Just Another MANICure Monday

July 1, 2013

Greetings! It is really July and we are nearly half way through the year. Time to set new goals and one of mine is really getting back to nurturing MANICure Monday and stepping my manicure game back up.

Independence day is this week so I decided to go with the current theme of everything and rock my nails out with some good ole red, white, and blue

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Beauty Nail Polish

Just Another MANICure Monday

June 17, 2013

I’ll start off by saying my manicure this week sucks. I just wanted some polish on my nails. Grabbed a few bottles that were on the top and went to work. I really wanted to go back and try the Sally Hansen polishes that I blogged about here without having to do some sort of design.

I used the Fuzzy Coat in All Yarned Up, and the Xtreme Wear polishes in Green with Envy and Pacific Blue.

I looooove Pacific Blue. I’m not particularly crazy about the Fuzzy Coat. You have to put on way too many coats to get the desired effect which means you have to sit still forever to make sure it dries. I’ll pass on that.

So here is my thrown together, bootleg Mani.

Sally Hansen Nail polish

What are you rocking on your digits this week? Come link up