Organizing Mamas – Mud Room Closet Makeover | Update

So, today was the day I was to reveal my mud room closet that I showed you two weeks ago. Well the way my cold and non stop coughing the past week and a half was setup. In other words, I was sick and didn’t finish it.

I did however, manage to get it cleaned up before the cooties took me out. Now that I am trying to do better about making sure that I complete things that I start, I struggled through bagging everything up and taking it to the Goodwill that afternoon instead of wiping my hands of the mess, walking away and acting like the children when my husband would’ve asked who made this mess.

mud room closet


The struggle was so real once the kids got home, coming in and skipping down memory lane finding old things and trying to sneak them back into their rooms.

NOPE. I wasn’t having it.

After two hours I was done and I was proud of myself.



This week I plan to paint the inside and decide on another flooring option. I am also looking at boot trays and quietly weeping onto my keyboard when I see how much they cost but I’m pretty sure there will be one in there to collect wet shoes. Give me two more weeks and hopefully I’ll be back with a true reveal.

Now, head over and see what Tia has planned for her new bundle of joy’s nursery!




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    October 7, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Ok — I’m so into this Organizing Mamas Challenge, because I seriously need to get it together!

    You’ve definitely given me the motivation to clear out my mudroom/laundry room and the spare room that we have. I guess the mudroom isn’t really a problem like the spare room is. Mimi, there is STUFF evvvverywhere and I almost just want to grab it all and just throw it away. LOL!

    I’ve reserved the small space for my children’s entertainment room/homework room which has yet to have any progress because of the mess.

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    October 7, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Good job! I too struggle to complete my projects.

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