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Teaching My Girl to Love Herself Unapologetically

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I’m currently at the point in my parenting career where the switch has gone off in my head, and I realize that I am no longer merely responsible for their daily things in life, but also understanding my role fully as one of the two most important people that will help mold them into responsible, and hopefully whole, human beings.

This is a huge job.

My talks with Addison recently feel like I’m talking to a friend. She has more advanced questions that need edited, but thoughtful, answers. No lies told here, sis. If she asks, we’re discussing it.

Recently, she asked me if she was “thick.” I thought a minute before responding because I need her to know her body is perfect just how it is. I wasn’t sure if someone said something to her, or she read something about being “thick,” but I just knew my first reaction and answer to the question would be her take-away.

I finally came up with, “If you were, would it make a difference?” Then, I go on a spill about terms not defining us, and how people come in all shapes and sizes. I further explained we need to make sure our bodies are healthy, and she is perfect the way she is. I praised her for her dedication to dance and how proud she must be of her abilities.

See what I did there? I answered her question and laced it with praise and self-love affirmations. I do this every chance I get.

My wish for her is that she learns to understand that all parts of her body are hers, and she should protect them fiercely from a very young age.

She was recently gifted My Wish for You by Kathryn Hahn with illustrations by Brigette Barrager. She has a few favorite pages in the book that she connected to, and they describe her to a tee. I intentionally choose reinforcements that stand behind the things I want her to understand because, if we are being honest, kids don’t always listen to us. This is why positive reinforcements matter.

I try not to overthink this parenting thing, but the pressure is on. We have a huge job, and we need all the help we can get from books to the village. Let’s be intentional about the messages that we are sending to our babies!

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