{#OurProject52} Framed

Photography is a great way to not only capture the moment but to also capture exactly what was going on in the background to really tell a story. Every photo won’t be like that but if you are taking a photo of your child’s expression, try to capture exactly what it was that caused the reaction. It makes for a more compelling photo.

On this particular day, Lil Mama was really having a hard time listening. It was a Sunday, and it was  before her bedtime. Although it wasn’t time to eat, I decided to let her eat her dinner early so she could go to bed.

I captured the whole kitchen along with the sun shining through the window to make the point that she seemed so #unbothered to be eating dinner alone, knowing she was headed to bed a little early. I could’ve just captured her expression but I don’t feel like I would remember the story as to why she was eating alone with a dusk glow from the window.

Tip: Before you snap a photo, look around to see if there are other objects that can help tell the story

Thank you for participating in the link up last week. Don’t forget to jump in when ever the spirit moves you. We’ll be glad to have you. Be sure to visit Lashawn to see what she is “framing” this week.


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