project 365 |11-17

I can hardly contain my excitement about how the closet is turning out. The floor looks amazing. I’ll give an update later in the week!

File Jan 17, 11 12 30 PM


Watching them get off the bus makes me happy for some reason. I suppose its the pure innocence of childhood. I’m happy to be able to provide them the experience.

File Jan 17, 11 14 35 PM


I’m super excited for gardening season. When I saw these I had to get them. This year I’ll be doing boxes instead of containers. I’ll be starting my seedlings in a few weeks and will keep you posted.

File Jan 17, 11 17 04 PM


No matter what I say, she insists on playing in water under the premise that she is washing dishes instead of making a mess.

File Jan 17, 11 19 00 PM


Had to spend Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Founders’ Day with my Sorors

File Jan 17, 11 28 08 PM


Sometimes I just look at my babies and think about how blessed they are.

File Jan 18, 10 26 44 PM


I haven’t been out there to join them yet, but when it gets warmer

File Jan 17, 11 27 27 PM



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