Five Ways to Support Your Favorite Online Influencers

I get questioned often about how to start a blog, and the inquiry seems to come on the heels of a discussion about how do bloggers and vloggers make money. The general consensus seems to be that people think people who make money on the internet simply sit at the computer, type a little of this, add a picture here or there and be done.

…..if only it were that simple. Trust me it is a tangled web of marketing, and SEO, and design, and photography, and editing and networking…..oh and writing/recording

Many of your favorite bloggers and vloggers incur a number of expenses including time away from their families to provide you with a little laughter, product recommendations, travel tips, fashion inspiration, etc. In the event you don’t know how online content producers get paid, it’s by pageviews which happen with that little click of your mouse.

Those clicks transfer into influence which brands like, which ultimately transfers into opportunities and dollars.

Running a website consists of hosting, domain and SEO fees. Cameras, lenses, and editing software. Those conferences we attend to learn about what consumers want from the internet? Travel fees.

As much as many of us love to blog and have extended our hobbies into a living or side hustle, it is just that. We are attempting to make an unconventional living doing something we love while needing to feed our families, save money, or get out of debt. It is our job.

Supporting your favorite online website or influencer is pretty simple. Here are three tried and true ways to show a little internet love

| CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON: Ever come across that recipe or outfit or DIY project and you stopped to leave a comment about how you are going to try or buy that thing. Go a step further and click the share button. Viral videos and posts go viral because enough people shared it.

No, that recipe may not be of a 3 month old baby bouncing on beat to a popular song but that information touched your life somehow and may be of use to someone else. A simple share goes a long way in putting that website or blogger in front of other people.

| PURCHASE SOMETHING FROM AN AFFILIATE LINK: There is a particular Youtuber that I absolutely love and she provides basic tips and links the products that she uses on Amazon. I always buy the products I need to recreate what she is doing. While I may be able to find them fairly cheaper somewhere else, she took the time to make it convenient for me, a very busy woman. That’s worth an extra dollar or three out of my pocket and into hers.

| SIGN UP FOR THE EMAIL LIST & READ: Most of your favorite bloggers have no intention on spamming you. If you are interested in the content, a newsletter may go out once a week with all of the top posts combined. Click around and read, those page views help in the grand scheme of things.

| FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: In this game, numbers count…a little more than they should, but they count. Follow on the channels you frequent and like a post here or there

| LEAVE COMMENTS: I need to do better at this one. Creating content can feel like you are in a room by yourself until you look at the numbers and see people are reading. I know we are all on our phones and leaving comments can be cumbersome but every now and then if something touches you leave a comment. Tell them how much you enjoyed that post, or how useful that hack was. I can’t speak to everybody who lives their lives online, but for me I absolutely love comments. It’s like I’m not having a one sided conversation with myself.

Don’t let the trolls win. Be nice and leave a comment every now and then.

There you have it, five simple ways to show a little internet love when you can. I speak on behalf of all online influencers when I tell you a little bit goes a long way.

So to follow my own advice those lovely ladies in the photo are a few of my blog friends that have turned into family. We all blog about a variety of things. Go explore their sites to see if they may have some information that is of use to you!

Lashawn, Aaronica, and MJ ( left to right)

See you tomorrow!



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    april brumm
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    oh yes yes a thousand times yes!!! sharing this right now and pinning!!

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    November 9, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    This is such a great post and great reminder of supporting and encouraging others.

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    Great information and I will be sharing!

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