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Boys Room Design Inspiration + Before Photos

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I really don’t find much joy in dressing or decorating for boys/men. The pickings are usually slim and lack a ton of the WOW factor that comes with girls/women items. I’ve been putting my son’s room off long enough, I mean I even started taping and prepping his room for painting in OCTOBER and stopped to start and fully complete my daughter’s room. I know. Bad mommy

Now that my daughter’s room is 90% done, I’m moving on to my son’s room and he can’t be more excited. I plan to have it completed before school starts which is in just over a month. We’ve had the paint since OCTOBER, I even have his bedding and a few decor items so my timeline isn’t too ridiculous considering.

Here are the paint colors we chose…I am thinking about changing the blue to a deeper navy. We’ll see.

Colors are Behr Dolphin Fin and Star Spangled

Since he is likely not to get his room changed again for a few years, at 9 I think he should have some input so I’ve run some things by him and we are on target to do an “Industrial Prep” look for his room complete with a DIY built in over his bed and shelving to hold his awards and books.

Here a few of the inspiration photos him and I have agreed on that will be recreated somehow in the space.

A. {Source} I love chalkboard walls. Thinking about putting behind his door and adding hooks for his hats and bookbag.

B. {Source} Definitely have my eye on a locker night stand. This color scheme is delightful.


Kind of excited to DIY something similar. Not sure where it will go yet but I like the look, and its functional for displaying his awards and trophies.



Not sure yet if I will do something like this or frame all of his first sports jerseys. Leaning toward the latter but I love the look of this so it may end up getting recreated somewhere else in the house.

NOW: Here is what I am currently working with.


I have grand plans for this little niche. I thought about planking it but will likely frame out the chalkboard like the above inspiration photo on a smaller scale and add some hooks at the bottom to hang things.


Not sure what the kid who lived in this room prior to us moving in was doing but there are so many dents and holes in the wall. I’ve managed to spackle and sand all of them. I have to do another skim coat over a few because they aren’t as smooth as I would like.

There used to be a TV hanging from the ceiling and the long line in the crease of the wall had a thing over it that covered the wires and when we removed it, it took off some of the dry wall. That probably won’t be the smoothest but I’ve gotten it real close. I plan on putting a chair and reading lamp there to disguise it.


Been looking on Craigslist for a long dresser to go here. I think this wall would be perfect. His framed jerseys will likely go above here.


My baby will finally get a new Queen mattress. He’s been rocking with this twin since he was 3. It is time!

Work starts Saturday morning. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks!

Do you have any home projects going or planning on starting any soon?



{Pinworthy Wednesday} I’m Co-Hosting for April

I am happy to share with you that for the month of April I will be linking up with some fabulous bloggers and participating as a guest host with Pin Worthy Wednesdays.

In a nutshell every Wednesday this month you will see a post here that is worthy of pinning to include recipes, DIY or home centric content. I’m excited about the opportunity to meet new bloggers through this collaboration. Be sure to have your best pin worthy posts ready on Wednesdays so that you can join in the link up fun.


{Progress} Addison’s Room Makeover

Addison’s room. Where do I start? *scratches head*

I’ve briefly mentioned how awful all of the paint colors were and still are for some rooms in this house. So far I’ve only tackled three rooms, laundry, kitchen and now Addison’s room. If walls could truly talk, I’m sure the ones in the aforementioned rooms were like YESSSSSS!  with the little arm movement.

DIY Living

Homework Space Progress

My goal was to have the room completed by the start of school. I didn’t meet that deadline, what’s new. However I do get an A for almost. By the first day of school the desk was attached to the wall and there were chairs.

Although I’m not totally sold on the wall color that the previous owners left, I needed to pick my battles and at the time we were in the process of painting Addison’s room and heaven knows the effort was more needed there so the color stays for now.