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Cabinet Organization – Part I

I have 458,638 cabinets in my kitchen…well not really but close. I am ashamed but not really to be truthful with you and tell you that all of them are a H.A.M. All of them.

My pantry makeover kicked off operation kitchen organization and I am proud to report that nearly 2 months later the space is still very much neat and tidy. Ask anyone who has not bothered to put the bread back in it’s labeled basket about me. They’ll tell you I’ve become quite anal about that space. It is now time to move onto the other cabinets.


{Fab Top 5} Places for Pretty & Affordable Kitchen Storage

It’s that time again. This month the Fab Top 5 is focusing on the heartbeat of our homes….the kitchen.

If you’ve watched my vlogs you know for some reason we  spend an insane amount of time in the kitchen. Not even really cooking but just standing around and of course as a result it stays a mess. It is the central dropping place for JUNK.