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{Outfit of the Day} Wedding Werk

I went to a wedding Saturday evening. I love weddings. Since our 9th anniversary this past September I’ve really been toying with the idea of doing something epic for our 10th anniversary since we got married at the courthouse. In the next few weeks I plan to start scouting out a few locations to see if we really want to shell out the bucks because if we are going to do it, we aren’t going to half step.

Fashion Mama Style

{Outfit of the Day} Showing a Lil’ Leg with Jean Shorts

My husband’s birthday was yesterday and we spent it doing what the children wanted to do. They truly believed he wanted to bowl on his birthday.

I kept it what I like to call “chic casual”.  My tummy and love handles need a bit of… we’ll say attention, so I don’t care to just throw them out there with a fitted tee without a little camouflaging.

Tribal Print



Jacket: Forever 21 Shorts: Kohl’s (Jennifer Lopez) Fashionista Tee: Gifted Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Clutch: Thrifted

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Fashion Mama Style

{Outfit of the Day} Go Big or Go Home

I love an oversized flowy top. My obsession has me with a few XL and XXL tops in my closet.


I slipped and fell into this obsession when I went to look for a shirt that wasn’t in my size but there was an XXL available. I said to self, ” Mimi you can belt this and be okay.”

Sometimes the shirt falls a little longer than my shorts but I’m sure people know I have pants on. I hope so.



If you are going to wear an over-sized shirt, I suggest either belting in the waist or adding a longer length necklace.



Shirt: Kohl’s Shorts: Thrifted {Arden B.} Necklace: Kohl’s Bag: Abby & Co. Shoes: Kohl’s Sunnies: Versace Bracelet: Macy’s

Are you a fan of flowy tops and dresses? What are your go to pieces for the Summer?


{Front Porch Makeover} Some Progress

My love for well decorated front porches runs long and wide. There is a neighborhood not far from here that is full of recently built homes designed to simulate homes from the era of wrap around porches. I often ride in there just to look and get ideas of things I could do with my porch.

A front porch was high on my list of must haves when we were house shopping and while I didn’t get one as big as I would’ve liked…I did get one. A few days ago it looked like this:


I couldn’t take it. The bareness.

I ventured into Kohl’s one day with some Kohl’s Cash, a coupon, and a $10 off anything promotional offer. Initially I looked at a purse, before deciding I might be better off getting something I need.