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{ The Fabulous 5 } Top 5 Date Night In Ideas

Date nights are so necessary yet so elusive…for us at least. As much as we need to take the time to reconnect and enjoy one another without the kids, sometimes all of the pieces like a babysitter and something fun and cost effective doesn’t  always line up. To be completely honest, at times all of the cards line up but I’m just so tired that the idea of getting dressed up and leaving the house leaves me feeling like date night isn’t all that important…I know.

My husband and I vowed that in the new year at least once a month we would put our technology down and give one another our undivided attention for at least one evening a month. Here are 5 date night in ideas for those nights when the babysitter dips out on you or you just want to cuddle at home.

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A Purple Striped Dress and Green Converse

Addison and I have a fairly easy morning routine. She’s in the bed early each night so she often wakes herself before I come in her room. Once out of the bed she calmly puts on the outfit that I’ve chosen and we handle a few of the necessities, you know brush teeth, comb hair etc.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game….Like Every Day

When we have children, maybe I’ll speak for myself.

When I had children I just couldn’t wait for them to get of age to get involved in extracurricular activities. Piano lessons, sports, dance lessons etc. I wanted my children to be just as involved and well rounded as I was growing up.  I surely wasn’t thinking about  the logistics required to have two children involved in multiple activities. Every day of the week we are gone and don’t mention the weekends. Saturdays start early and end late.

The baby is taking her first foray into sports and is playing Tee Ball this year. Talk about something hilarious. Either everyone is running for the ball, including members of the batting team or my child is pointing at the ball as it rolls by. Baseball

Moments in the dug out are spend socializing, not at all paying attention to the game.


I will say she will get out there and give that ball a real whack….with her Hello Kitty bat that I had to go to 3 Targets to find. Anything for my baby. She’ll run as well, maybe not to the correct base but those little legs move.


I am a fan of children playing sports because it teaches them sportsmanship. She has to learn that every time won’t be her turn. Remember those days of being impatient because you wanted it to be your turn. She’s on that. She earned this trait honestly. I won’t tell you how many times my Mama got me together on the field because I was being a poor sport.


As tired and ragged as I feel I wouldn’t have it any other way. I read somewhere the other day that we may complain now about how many activities our children have, or how messy they are or about the 238,038,581 questions they may ask in a day but the truth is one day they will grow up and we will look back on these moments and long for them.

I guess.


Where my sports Moms at? Do you have snacks packed in your purse to nibble on? Do you talk to the other Moms? Are you the Team Mom?

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Project 52 – Week 8

She’s just earning her keep. Train them early!


I was that kid that old folks talk about. You know the one where it is a darn shame that they weren’t made to do any chores or housecleaning. Just sitting around living and sucking up air. That was me.

My mother never made me clean, consistently at least. She would every now and then go “ham” about how I kept my room but as far as washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, sorting laundry etc. I was never made to do such. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know and she isn’t here for me to ask.

While it was lovely as a child I found it hard to adjust as a wife. I still struggle with some things. Things related to keeping a house that may come natural to others come as a post it note ( a la Being Mary Jane style) on my refrigerator, car etc. as a reminder that I have to do certain things.

I don’t want to cripple my children so they are being introduced early to the art of doing chores. My son has become quite efficient at cleaning the kitchen in the evenings and she is such a help when it comes to taking clothes out of the dryer and placing them in the basket.

What great lessons my children are learning. while doing the tasks that I don’t want to do.

Do you make your children do chores? At what age did they start?