The Baby Biter

The highlight of my Tuesday occured when my 4 year old son decided to bite my 3 month olds knee. He actually bit her so hard that I could see impressions of his top and bottom teeth in her little fat knee, and had he bit any harder he would’ve broken her skin.

Once I cooled off I asked him why he felt the need to bite a baby. He couldn’t answer, so being a mother I am thinking to myself is he feeling left out or does he need more of my attention because clearly at almost 5 years old he knows better. I can’t relate to him because I am an only child so I have no idea what its like to have a new baby in town. I was telling one of my besties about the situation and she said she tried to smother her sister as a child..Oh boy, is sibling rivalry that serious!

I thought about it over the rest of the day and discovered that I have actually not been giving him as much attention since Addison has been here, and now that she is older I need to make more of an effort to include him in the event he is feeling left out.

My Babies
Anyone else dealt with this type of behavior with the birth of a new baby? I’m taking suggestions!

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  1. Never experienced the biting, but I know all about the other ways siblings seek attention (i.e. fighting). It doesn't take much for him to feel included again. Take a walk around the neighborhood or play one of his favorite games…just the two of you. Until you get into a routine, you may have to schedule "his" time.

    Sidenote: If it were me, I'd be biting those cheeks, Muah!

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