{Weekend Vlog} Annie, Meetings, & Calzones

So I’m finally kicking off my weekend vlog series. In the past I mentioned that I wanted to integrate more video into the Lipgloss and Binky brand so I thought a great way to do that would be to replace the weekend wrap up posts I’ve done in the past with weekend vlogs.

Moving forward I’m planning to share my weekends via video for a little real life fun. I don’t plan on dressing up for y’all or cleaning my house. What you will see in these videos is real life. I love vlogs on Youtube and I follow quite a few families, I just love seeing the real side outside of the polished side that is portrayed on the blogs and Instagram.

So here is episode 1.  Please be sure to subscribe to my channel  if you are on Youtube.

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  1. love your vlogs – so real and so enjoyable to watch! I was rolling when you made reference to “Tommy” from Martin and your son inquired about his friend watching Annie at home – lol.

    1. Girl. He doesn’t have a clue! Thank you. I figure if I liked watching that maybe some of you would want to see another dimension. I think we talked a few years ago and you mentioned video was coming and lo and behold!!

  2. I love your videos. I thought I was the only person who doesn’t like going to the movies!! I would rather watch them at home. Addison is too cute. Your son gets in the car telling you about everything, LOL, that’s so sweet. Those calzones look good!
    Tia recently posted..Weekend Recap: 1/20/15

    1. They did taste good. I couldn’t photography them for a recipe because the light was gone but I’ll put the recipe up in a few weeks.

  3. Okay so I looked at this earlier on my phone but I couldn’t comment from my phone because it was too much! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your vlogs…this has to be a favorite of mine! I have a few women I look up to in the motherhood department and you are definitely one of them! I loved how real this one was…sometimes I feel bad for being tired and always on the go and to see other mothers in the same situation helps me understand that this is the life of a SAHM…like you said there is little separation! You and your husband are cute!!! I never realized how much your son looks like you…he’s definitely your twin!! And your little girl is adorable…she was itching to talk when she was sitting with you before she went to bed! LOL! When your son got in the car I was like OMG…what happened when your son was telling the story about someone getting kicked off the bus LOL!! And your look at the person in the Target parking lot was priceless…I cracked up!!! I think this is a series Im going to LOVE!
    Carissa recently posted..Emma Pre-School Educational Assessment…

    1. Aww Carissa. Thanks, at first I was like do I want to do this but this comment makes me want to continue. I think we all sometimes think it’s just us or we can’t get our stuff together when most mothers are in the same boat. It’s the ones that are perfectly coiffed everytime they go to take a selfie or film a video that make us second guess. I know better!!

    1. A media release?!! I can’t!!! I need to try working from a coffee shop or the library, I can go a whole week without leaving this house except for school drop off and pick up. I can easily get cabin fever up in here. I’ll be glad when it gets warm.

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