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Creating Mommy and Me Moments

Thank you Ivory for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions are mine.

I once believed at some point I would get the hang of parenting. I’ve since learned that at every age there is something new to learn and my kids will continuously need me in a different capacity. Just when I think I’ve mastered a stage it ushers itself out and welcomes in a new challenge as if to say this is a lifelong game of chess and strategy.

Addison just turned eight and overnight she wants to do all things girly and spends so much time with me I often feel like we are attached at the hip.

….and let me say I am totally fine with this, it’s just trying to get her to understand boundaries when it comes to my things and makeup, and clothes and shoes and phone, and planners, and… pretty much everything.

I’ve unapologetically crafted major parts of my life around being available to my children. I have so many fond memories of moments spent with my mother, that I can’t help but work to recreate those mother/daughter moments for Addison and I. From time spent in the garden to evening bike rides, one of our favorite pastimes is spending time outdoors.

The gentle smell of our favorite Ivory body wash, envelops our evenings as we cuddle and have girl talk after a long day. Her favorite wash is Pear & Sandalwood and mine is Sweet Pea & Lily. She feels grown up using my body wash and I feel good knowing my favorite body wash is gentle enough for her sensitive skin. 

As the summer days spread out ahead of us, I’m looking forward to unplugging a bit and spending time with my family and creating epic mommy and me memories with my baby girl. Tradition is welcomed in our home, just as I remember the smell of Ivory soap in my home as a child, Addison will have those same memories tied to the time we spend together.


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    May 15, 2018 at 9:49 am

    I love the smell of Ivory. Reminds me of my Grandmother! I have to check out these body washes!

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    Gardening Adviser
    June 20, 2018 at 2:36 am

    Your pics look very professional!

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