New Week. New Opportunities

Blogging everyday has shown me that this space can be  a writing outlet for all of my feels.

If I may…….

This week was some bullsh*t and the election was just a part of it.

There is just too much going on over here between kids activities, running a business, a house,  being a good wife,  and planning for Thanksgiving,  I am wo’ the hell out.

Tomorrow is Monday, a new start. I’m going into the new week  with vigor and expectation that the week ahead is going to make up for last week and then some. I’m expecting great things and opportunities.

The thing about my personal growth journey is I can now look at weeks like this and know they happen but they don’t linger. They wreck havoc but peace is on the other side. Life isn’t easy and adulting/parenting can be extreme, but your mindset is what keeps you sane.

Here’s to a new week! I wish you all peace and encouragement to get through

I got this and you do to!

What’s on your to do list this week?




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    November 14, 2016 at 9:33 am


    I feel you on this week! The election and none of sports teams teams winning, all and all I’m just glad to see a new day. On my to do list are completing these applications for Doctoral programs. Everything is done, except these darn personal statements.

    So prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes are welcome! 🙂

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