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P365 | 2016 Photography

project 365| 4-10

Late to bed, early to rise makes a woman healthy, wealthy, wise and tired.

File Jan 10, 9 54 18 PM


Jack and Lily X 25. I love an eager reader

File Jan 06, 12 23 33 AM


A watched iPad is something like a pot.



Homemade calzones started with yeast rolls. I’ll share the recipe soon

File Jan 10, 9 47 51 PM


By Thursday, I’m on two cups a day. One for the morning and one for the ride to music lessons.

File Jan 10, 9 37 35 PM


Picking tile is exhausting.

File Jan 10, 9 36 31 PM


A cold Saturday night with nothing to do.

File Jan 10, 9 35 55 PM


You know what they say about failing to plan

File Jan 10, 10 19 07 PM



P365 | 2016 Photography

project 365 | 1-3

Every year. Every year. I start this challenge, and I vow to continue with that practice until I actually see it through to completion. Kind of like blogging everyday in November. I did that and probably won’t do it again. So let’s hope that momentum drives me to take 365 photos in a year…totally comparable.

I’ve normally placed pressure on myself to only use my DSLR but I’m allowing myself to use my iPhone this go ’round. Really and truly  I hope to have the majority of the photos come from my camera. Photography is still a passion and I haven’t made much time for my hobby lately so here’s to great photos in 2016.

1| Cause you totally didn’t get enough toys at Christmas to be in Target just a week later pondering over a toy to purchase. Or maybe its the Target spell?

File Jan 02, 10 49 27 PM


2| When you talk back and get your entire Christmas shoe collection confiscated until the middle of January, and to really show us you don’t care you alternate them. Then a day later ask to wear the Vans and were hit with a NO. #Welp

File Jan 02, 10 50 33 PM


3| Cause Sundays are made for cuddling and Property Brothers marathons

File Jan 03, 12 37 51 PM


{#OurProject52} Patterns

When I hear the word “pattern” I see it as two ways, a design on clothing or decor items, or a way of doing things. This picture I captured on Instagram gave me a little of both. Running a house with two children a husband and working from home has really blurred the lines for me. I feel like I don’t get much separation of anything. In an effort to gain more balance I’ve been taking out the time to get my children in a pattern of cleaning up their rooms daily to give me a break and keep the house organized.

This day, she was charged with vacuuming her room and surprisingly she was happy to do so. This new pattern of pick up after yourself is really helping keep my sanity and budding level of OCD about needing order around here.

Now onto all of the patterns between the curtains and her clothing.  Who doesn’t love a good mixed print!

Photography just like words holds different meanings and perspectives. Use your imagination when shooting, it’s the differing perspectives that make photography the art that it is.

Be sure to head over and see Lashawn’s take on patterns this week!

Project 52

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Featured Photography

{#OurProject52} Leading Lines

When it comes to photography concepts one that I have down pat is the law of thirds. I favor this one, if you can’t tell. One that I have to really work on is leading lines, when done correctly they really do draw the eye to the edge of the photo almost making it seem as if it goes on forever.

Leading lines give our photos depth, I find they come out very interesting when you get low, as in bend your knees or get on the floor for another angle.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel


A fence, or anything that travels in a straight line will give you a great leading lines photo. Our eyes our drawn to the lines creating an interesting photo.

Be sure to head over and see LaShawn to see what her leading lines this week lead to. We have some new participants so remember it is never to late to start on this challenge!