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{Homework Space Makeover} DIY Floating Desk Part I

I mentioned here that I was turning our workout room into a homework space/playroom for the children.

DIY Floating Desk

You should be so proud of me, the equipment has been sold and the room is now a blank slate. I spent more nights than I wanted laying under the covers with my phone and when it died, my tablet trying to come up with a solution for the desk situation. I needed two and paying $200 wasn’t an option so I was looking for a low cost alternative. The other day while in Home Depot we were looking for some options when I remembered a friend of mine mentioned we might consider a hollow door and that’s what we ended up going with after I consulted Pinterest from my phone and found similar examples.

Floating Desk


The wall measures exactly 8ft. Unfortunately the door only measures around 7 ft so there will be gaps on the end and I’m fine with that. The door was a whopping $25 and I chose the one with the doorknob hole so that I have somewhere to fish cords through. We grabbed a few brackets, a quart of stain and a clear coat and headed home.

The perks of having an interior designer for a bestie is when you go to see your sweet precious god daughter for the first time her mother sends you home with free Glidden door and trim paint along with some chalkboard paint. I don’t need to tell you I returned the stain and clear coat.

Floating Desk DIY

So this isn’t your ordinary paint. It is gel based and is reported to give you great coverage with no brush marks and dry to a glossy top coat. It was a little lumpy but once I got it on the door it spread easily and covered like a dream. I didn’t have to use that much.

Glidden Trim and Door Paint

The next day it was rather tacky to the touch, however after sitting for the past 3 days it is no longer sticky and is ready to be put on the wall. The pictures don’t do the glossiness of it any justice. Super shiny I’ll be back with an update!!

DIY Floating Desk

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Summertime Natural Hair Struggle

I despise hair. Absolutely nothing about it sparks my interest and seeing that I have an astronomical amount of it is proof that God has a sense of humor.

I have no idea what type of hair I have on that little natural hair chart and I have no interest in figuring it out. I’ve watched videos and they bore me and the styles don’t work for my hair so I’m stuck with what to do with my hair during these hot, humid months ahead. I like my hair straight, but the humidity and pop up showers in the summer would make me a fool for spending an hour a week pressing it so I turned to pinterest for some inspiration on what to do with my hair.

These are two of the styles that I plan on adding to my usual twist out regimen. I’ll let you know how it turns out

Source: via Mimi on Pinterest

Are you rocking a new do for the summer? Do share so I can steal.

Pinterest Weekend

In the New Year {Home Edition}

No Weekend Wrap Up this week. Nothing spectacular. The Mr. and I went out on a double duty date night on Friday. A good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday so we joined her and her husband and some friends for drinks and a night out on the town. Had my camera, took no photos. Sorry.

Saturday went grocery shopping and slept. Sunday drove to pick up my stepdaughter and slept and watched Real Housewives of Atlanta. While I was going about my business this weekend my mind was constantly thinking about the changes that I would like to see once the new year starts.

I am not one to jump on the whole New Years Resolution bandwagon but I have a few changes planned to commence once the apple drops.

Although approved, for financial reasons we have decided to stay in our current home for at least another year. With that epiphany I have decided our home is due for a makeover. I am currently in the throes of selecting a wall color for our master bedroom. The contenders are..

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer Lawler on Pinterest


I would also like to display photos in our home. I love shelving so I would like to use them as medium through which to display photos of our family and friends. Looooove these ideas.


Seing that I have a ton of things going on. I am only focusing on a few things at a time. These will be the first two things that we tackle. I would like to see the room painted before the new year. We’ll see.

Do you have any home improvement plans scheduled for the new year? I may or may not have been reading way too many home design and crafting blogs…Give me some of your favorites. By February this house will be on point!

How was your weekend?