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dropcloth curtain inspiration

Now that soccer and baseball are over, I slightly have my weekends to myself and this weekend I am going to attack the curtains in my son’s room. I’ve mentioned before that my plans for his room are teetering on a style that is rustic chic.

I have decided to try painting stripes on dropcloths. I went to Home Depot today and picked up painter’s tape and one 6X9 dropcloth. I am going to paint them with the same shade of red from these stripes.

It’s a shame how I was so excited about getting Addison’s room finished and have completely dropped the ball on getting his finished and he is making it known that he doesn’t appreciate it so I am making it a priority this week to get his curtains up.

Not sure yet how big the stripes will be, you’ll have to wait until the reveal for that. I have been perusing Pinterest for some inspiration. These are a few of my favorites.

dropcloth curtains


painted curtains 2Source

painted curtain 3


Since I told y’all I was going to paint his curtains this week. Somebody hold me accountable. Seriously look for the reveal some time next week.

Got any DIY projects underway or in planning?

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